Monday 27 August 2007

New book by PET bodyguard to be reviewed

Denmark's Danish Security Intelligence Service (PET) is set to review a new book written by a former PET officer who was a former bodyguard of Crown Prince Frederik.
From TV2 PET-kritik af Frederiks ekslivvagt - PET criticism of Frederik's ex-bodyguard:
The Police Intelligence Service (PET) is now criticising one of Crown Prince Frederik's former bodyguards, who is publishing a book about his work at the court, writes B.T.
The head of PET, chief constable/commissioner Jakob Scharf is not thrilled about the publication of I Majestætens tjeneste - In the service of Her Majesty.
"One must sometimes wonder what people will do for money, but I can note that a former employee in PET, who was last (before leaving the service) attached to our IT service apparently intends to publish a book about PET's protection of the DRF".
According to the publishing firm Aschehoug the former "shadow" of the Crown Prince, Jesper Lundorf, will give an "insider story about work as bodyguard for Crown Prince Frederik".
According to the plan Jesper Lundorf's book, which he has written in co-operation with Ivan Rod, will be published on October 22. But the publication can harm PET's work, believes Jakob Scharf.
"In order for PET to protect the people who need protection, it is absolutely crucial that the PET bodyguards do not publish information that is part of their private life [a criminal offence]. This applies during and after employment in PET. When a former employee breaks these guidelines, it harms PET's possibilities for providing effective protection. And it does also say quite a lot about the qualities of that person as a bodyguard," said Jakob Scharf to B.T.
The top management in PET will carefully study the book when it is published.
"If the book is published we from PET will go through it very carefully and if it contains information which the author is not allowed to disclose, we will take the necessary steps," says Jakob Scharf.
Jesper Lundorf, who was bodyguard for the Crown Prince for seven years declines to comment on the stance of Jakob Scharf and PET in regard to the book.
At the publishing firm Aschehough the manager received the reaction from PET with calm.
“I cannot imagine that there will be anything in that book that will give reason for PET to worry. There is a dialogue with PET going on, which we expect will continue. Everyone talks about a book which no one has seen before it is published. We don’t mind talking to PET about the book before it is published,, says Erik Barfoed to B.T. (with thanks to Muhler!)
From Jyllands Posten Frederik’s bodyguard causes consternation by Anne Funch, 24 August 2007:
A book about former bodyguard Jesper Lundorf’s work as bodyguard for Crown Prince Frederik is causing great consternation even before it has been published.
One of Crown Prince Frederik’s most entrusted associates will publish a book about the work inside the royal walls at the end of October. Jesper Lundorf was a royal bodyguard to the Crown Prince for ten years and the book is causing concern even before it has been published.
Danish users of internet chat and blog sites are afraid that the book will reveal work methods and gossip which can harm the royals.
Jeppe Marker, who is editorial chief at publisher Aschehoug do not believe Danes have reason for concern.
He told Ekstra Bladet that Aschehough as a publisher does not have any interest in ruining the security around the DRF or the security of the realm in general.
Neither is it a wish of the former bodyguard nor the publisher to gossip about what goes on privately in the DRF.
The book is about Jesper Lundorf’s training at the police and training to be a bodyguard at PET, the time with the DRF and the challenges of being so close to a royal person, whom you must protect with your own life.
The author has been a martial arts instructor for many years specialising in training bodyguards. He is today working as a highly paid security advisor for and in the private sector. Apart from that he is also a sought after lecturer. (thanks Muhler!)

Update: From B.T. 27 August 2007 PET skal ind over bog om Frederik (PET will be consulted on book about Frederik).

After the chief of PET publicly vented his displeasure about the book I Majestætens hemmelige tjeneste (In the secret service of Her Majesty), written by a long time former member of the security detail protecting the Crown Prince, Jesper Lundorf, the publisher, Aschehough, now seems to have cold feet.

The manager of the publishing firm, Erik Barfoed, has now invited PET to have a "dialogue". PET can have a look at the book. No problem. After all the book hasn't even "gone to press yet". It has not been edited for the last time and we are really talking about something that doesn't even exist, says Erik Barfoed. (thanks Muhler!)

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