Friday 17 August 2007

Mary, Marie & Alexandra: at home, at play, at work

Turns out being a princess is not all fashion shows and champagne it would seem. Hello magazine ('Princess Mary of Denmark not too grand to empty the bins') has Mary in domestic mode with Ziggy at Chancellery House at Fredensborg.

On the Marie front, SE og HØR ('Weekend-kærester' - weekend sweetheart) reports Marie Cavallier visited Copenhagen last weekend (arrived Friday from Geneva and left Monday). Joachim, Marie and Apple (the doggy in the bag) went to Copenhagen's harbour area at Langelinie with their friends Oscar and Britt Siesbye on Sunday. Billed Bladet ('Marie i prinsesselære' - Marie to princess apprenticeship) notes the pattern of weekend visits, meeting the family, a public kiss, fashion shows and attending a friend's christening as very similar to that of the public courtship of Mary and Frederik.

Arriving and with Prince Joachim:

With Britt Siesbye and at the Malene Birger show and then at the Jens Laugesen show:

See Marie Cavallier at the By Malene Birger show here at Her&Nu (as usual, this can take a while to load depending on connection speed, if yours is slow leave it to load with sound down and then it will play over and over in a cycle...)
Compare Mary's first (known) fashion show appearance in 2003: Berlingske Tidende link page scroll half way down page to 'Mary til modeopvisning sammen med veninderne' and 'Mary til modeopvisning'
So much in common! it was hot at both shows and much fanning was required. Marie's companion is Britt Siesbye, wife of Joachim's friend and racing partner Oscar.
Mary's companions are good friends Julie Mølsgaard and Ellen Hillingsø, both of whom we often see at official and informal occasions among the Crown Prince Couple's circle.

And SE og HØR, B.T. and TV2 report Countess Alexandra may have a job in her future. At a Danish Radio Girls' Choir training day recently (she is the patron), Alexandra was asked about a possible job by a reporter and said an announcement will be made soon. The implication is something is definitely in the works and it will no doubt be seen as a 'coup' for the employer who has enticed her to work for them. Alexandra herself was non-committal saying she hadn't said yes to anything defininte yet, according to B.T.

And, from Times Online 'Great Dane: the rise of Copenhagen Fashion Week - Yes they're stylishly idiosyncratic, but the Danes are aiming to be important on the international stage, led by the label Noir...'

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