Friday 3 August 2007

Frederik in Farr 40 regatta Skagen

Crown Prince Frederik and the crew of Nanoq (bow no. 24) came sixth in the Farr 40 regatta in Skagen in July. According to Billed Bladet (no. 29), Frederik and the crew had a bit of a scare when Nanoq collided with another boat. Fortunately it wasn't serious and no great damage was done. The results must have felt good for the Nanoq boys who must be keen to do well in the upcoming World Championship in Copenhagen. The Germans and Australians finished well in Skagen and USA's Jim Richardson of Barking Mad is always 'up there'.

Practicing in Copenhagen:

From a report at the Danish boat magazine site Bådmagasinet is the account by an old friend of Frederik's, Aage Venø Jensen, who is chief of the rescue station at Skagen. He went out on a training sail on the Farr 40 Nanoq south of Skagen Harbour and said, ”Damn …that was an experience. I have rescued hundreds boats at sea, but I never thought it would be like this to sail in one. I have never experienced anything like it.” Frederik visits his friend every summer when he is in Skagen. That's Aage in the bright orange below.

From the Danish Royal Yacht Club Farr 40 race report:
The sun shines on Nanoq
Carl Erik Kjaersgaard on board Nanoq emphasises how pleased they all are with three fifth places in one race day "We are delighted, it is our best ever day of racing."
What was the reason for the improved performance? Carl Erik puts it down to better boat handling in general as well as better routines on board. He also suggests that because Nanoq has been part of the North Sails Practice Racing Series and have been racing recently in harder conditions that it has helped themto make fewer mistakes, for example their handling of the spinnaker.

And racing!

B.T. photo gallery of Frederik in Skagen. Includes a photo of one of his tattoos, the shark on his leg. Grandfather Frederik IX was extremely well decorated with tattoos!

TV2 NORD video clip (2:50) from Skagen during the regatta

More that 1000 photos of the Skagen regatta here (!!)

Nanoq in the thick of it on the last day of the regatta:

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