Thursday 2 August 2007

Dear readers ...

It should be a truth universally acknowledged that there is some sort of 3 dimensional real life for your trusty bloggers outside the 2 dimensional walls of the blog. As many of you know, we do this blog in our free time and we have some catching up to do. Thank you to our many, many readers who have contacted us to ask how we are - "both very fine thank you". This is to let you know we will have a number of catch up posts coming up and then we have a photocall at GrĂ¥sten Palace to look forward to, Farr 40 racing in Copenhagen and back into the post summer swing of things after that. Get ready for a lot of catching up!

And also to you our readers, thanks for making this the little Danish royalty watching blog that could. We recently passed more than one million visits and nearly double that number of page views. We didn't expect the blog to take on quite such a life of its own, but it has. We are indebted to the many Danish and other media sources which are tolerant of us posting material, translating and linking to them. From what our readers tell us, it is much appreciated by non-Danish speakers who follow the Danish royal family.

We must also thank the many, many friends of the blog who help us with information of all kinds. We are sure you must know who you are - your efforts are always much appreciated. We cannot finish without a huge thanks to some especially close friends who help with translating. And here a special mention must go to Muhler, who is our own Danish 'kong' of translation, and long may he reign!



Blogger Book Club said...

I am one of your many fans. Welcome back!

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