Thursday 12 July 2007

Frederik at Skagen Harbour centenary

Today Crown Prince Frederik has attended the centenary celebration of Skagen Harbour. Skagen is at the northern-most point of the peninsula of Northern Jylland in mainland Denmark (not including Greenland and the Faeroes). It is where the Baltic Sea meets the North Sea and there have been a lot of summer harbour festival activities going on for some weeks. Skagen is a working port, has a well known fish market, a popular harbourside quay and it is destination for summer holidays (which includes Frederik and Mary for the last few years). One hundred years ago Skagen had a thriving artists colony called the Skagen Group and the Harbour Square has a 100-year-old replica of 20th century artist Carl Locher's arch of honour. The upcoming Skaw Farr 40 Race Week from July 12 to 14 will be in Skagen so Frederik will be hanging around. has 12 photos from the event
TV2/NORD video clip (1:59)
Top of Denmark - Skagen (English)
The Skagen Group were naturalist artists who had a great impact on Danish art (English)
Skagen photo galleries 11 albums 92 photos
Skagen's big day (in Danish)
Video about Skagen Harbour about the working harbour of Skagen in Danish (0:8:25)



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