Monday 2 July 2007

Christening video links

Here is a set of links to clips and entire replays of the christening. DR1 ended up being the only network which relayed a live stream outside Denmark. We have expressed here how much that has been appreciated. Here at the blog we have had many messages of appreciation which must go to DR1 - some were viewing an online streamed event for the first time and really enjoyed the experience. Hopefully these links should stay active for a while and there are certainly a few hours of viewing. The blog has had a very close listen with ear phones and cannot detect any gasp in the church when Mary said the name Isabella. This has been reported in some Australian media. Unless someone right there in the church says it did happen, we are inclined to think it didn't happen. The chair which Christian is sitting on is a birthday gift to him from his grandmother the Queen. If you look at Christian's order of service booklet in the church you can see pictures have been stuck onto the pages to keep him amused. His father, his mother and various objects, and one is of Caroline Heering from last week's Billed Bladet! And, see how many men you can spot with pink ties - it wasn't only little girls who got into the pink theme and the princess mood! Many thanks to jema, the best Danish royal video librarian there is!

DR1 repeat webcasts:

1. Princess' christening 1.07.07 08:30 from DR1
Sisse Fisker and Jeppe Nybroe in DR1s studio in Fredensborg. The morning program as the day got under way... (0:31:00)

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2. Princess' christening 1.07.07 from 09:00 from DR1
DR1 guide to the day's program, discussion (explore the Danish language!) and the amusing DR1 graphics of royal life (1:32:00)

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3. Princess' christening 1.07.07 10:30 from DR1
Tine Götsche and Anna von Lowzow are the commentators as the guests arrive (a great guide to Frederik's and Mary's Danish friends) (0:52:00)

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4. The christening in Fredensborg Palace Church 1.07.07 11:20 from DR1
Direct from Fredensborg Slotskirke - the final arrivals and the christening service (1:16:00)

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5. Princess' christening 1.07.07 12:30 from DR1
Sisse Fisker and Jeppe Nybroe round up the day and show the end of proceedings when Frederik, Mary, Christian and Isabella come out for a photocall. They say when asked that they both agreed on the name. Frederik did not rule out having more children. The guests walk from the church to the Chancellery House for the garden party and the Crown Prince family greet wellwishers (0:34:00)

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...and from TV2, the entire broadcast

TV2 - Princess Isabella's christening (4:30:10)


TV2 - the christening service (0:50:00)



DR1 6:30 news report (2:00) (hi ambiDK!)

TV2 - 19:00 news report (3:42) with a reference at the end to the 16th century historical Queen Isabella of Denmark and Norway who was married to Christian II

Australia's Seven News (1:29)

Australia's Nine News (0:38)

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