Thursday 14 June 2007

Media wrap: family, friends, racing and football

Time for a bit of Danish catch up from last week!
Billed Bladet (no.23, 6 June 2007) reported a story by Ulrik Ulriksen: Joachim raced for Marie:

Prince Joachim raced his classical Cortina at Padborg Park the last time Marie was in town and she was there to see the action. For Marie it was her first time at the racetrack with Joachim. Prince Joachim won the race of the day. Ulriksen compares the speed on the racetrack with what he says is the full speed ahead towards an engagement.

The couple were based at Schackenborg Slot while they were in southern Jutland. They hung out together with Joachim's racing mates from the Cortina team Oscar Davidsen-Siesbye and Martin Berner and their wives, Britt and Connie. After the test drive on Saturday, the three couples enjoyed dinner and watching a football match (soccer) on TV in the evening.

The real race started Sunday and while Joachim and co raced, they had a special group of spectators. Marie, Britt and Connie cheered each time 'their boys' went by on the straight doing 150 kilometres an hour. “I’m completely crazy about this. I do really like racing. It’s so exciting,” said an exhilarated Marie Cavallier, while she watched Joachim drive across the finishing line in first position and therefore as the winner of the day. After the long day at the race track Marie helped pack the Cortina's team equipment away before returning to Schackenborg. “She sure isn’t afraid of lending a hand," said a passer-by.

Marie is now visiting Denmark more often than ever before during the time she and Joachim have been together. With Joachim she has visited Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen, been at a dinner and attended a christening with some of Joachims friends. At the beginning of May she was at Tivoli with Joachim for the wedding anniversary party of friends Michael and Benedicte Darsberg.

From the beginning of this year Marie and Joachim made it clear it was a big year for them this year. They started 2007 with a big New Year party at Amalienborg Slot where all their friends and Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen were present. They then met a couple of times in both Denmark and Switzerland before their winter holiday in the Alps at Marie’s family's place. The Princes Nikolai and Felix were there too. They displayed great enthusiasm for Marie, who proudly showed Joachim and the boys the tracks above her ski village of Villars.

After almost two years together Marie and Joachim have shown they want to be together more and more. Marie is still conscientious and manages her job at home in Geneva in her step-father’s investment-firm without giving cause for criticism. But he may soon have to look for a new employee, because Marie may start packing a really big suitcase to move permanently to Denmark. (the story is an edited version of Ulrik Ulriksen's in Billed Bladet, which was kindly translated by Muhler. Ulriksen also notes that Britt Tang Lassen appears to be Marie’s best friend in Denmark)

A day at the races: 1) & 2) Joachim and Marie, 3) ...and they're racing! 4) the cheer squad, 5) & 6) in pit lane, 7) Joachim and Marie, 8) all hands pack up, 9) Marie at the airport on her way back to Geneva at the end of the weekend.

From Billed Bladet (no. 23, 9 June 2007) there was a report on the family outing to the ill fated football match between Denmark and Sweden by Dorte Quist – To the soccer with aunt Mary:

Crown Princess Mary took the opportunity to go to a football match with her sister Jane, brother-in-law Craig and their three children Alexander, Erin and Kate, who are visiting from Australia. Even though Mary is still breastfeeding her six week old daughter, she was away from her for a few hours to watch the national team together with Frederik and her family from Australia.

Mary’s two nieces and her nephew seemed to look forward to it with both girls dressed in Denmark's red and white football shirts (DBU's) when they arrived. Perhaps the Crown Prince had found them at home in the closet since he has been presented with many of them by the DBU* through the years.

During the match Mary was the one who explained the rules to her nephew and nieces ... But often Mary had to ask Frederik for an explanation first and then the rest of the Australian family was told.

Mary has a very close relationship to her oldest sister, who is one of her closest confidantes. The 41-year-old Jane was a big support for her younger sister when Prince Christian entered the world ...Back then Jane came to Denmark and stayed in Kancellihuset with Mary and Frederik... It has been three years since Mary’s nieces, nephew and brother-in-law were in Denmark. That was at the wedding of the Crown Prince couple, when Frederik and Mary were more or less preoccupied by the many official arrangements – and then afterwards they left on their honeymoon. This time however there is plenty of time for family cosiness and sightseeing – including a national team football game at the national stadium in Denmark. (an edited version of Dorte Quist's story which was translated by Muhler. *DBU = Dansk Boldspils Union which organises football and handball)

And continuing - Embarrassing from the Danish side:

“That was a mess. A bit embarrassing from the Danish side.” It was an extremely grim Crown Prince Frederik who commented on the scandalous end against Sweden when he left Parken after the historic game.

What should have been a cosy and nice June evening with Mary and her sports keen Australian family, suddenly turned into an embarrassing affair. Frederik had looked forward to showing the family Denmark’s national sport in its most colourful, jubilant and loud surroundings. But instead it ended up with him having to explain to his sister-in-law Jane and brother-in-law Craig and their three children why the match was broken off and why we lost the three goals the Danish players had fought so hard for after having been behind 0-3. A sad end for an otherwise cheerful and fun evening for Frederik, the family and the other 42,000 spectators. (by Dorte Quist and translated by Muhler)

The UEFA disciplinary hearing decided Denmark should be heavily sanctioned. The game was declared lost with the score 0-3. Denmark's Christian Poulsen has been less than popular for allowing himself to be provoked and punching a Swedish player in front of the goal and got a 3 match suspension. Denmark now has to win all its games to stay in the UEFA competition and will have to play all of them as away games. The officials in Parken were blamed for ineffective crowd control. The spectator who ran onto the field was drunk, apologetic and will face charges of violence.

And still more from Billed Bladet, who had their ears tuned into the back garden at the Chancellery House the next day - Family cosiness in the garden:

The day after the excitement of the football at Parken ...was spent at home in Kancellihuset... the smell of bacon and eggs for breakfast wafted all the way out to Fredensborg Square to the guardsmen on duty, while some of the family members jumped head first into the swimming pool in the backyard of Kancellihuset.

It may not have been winter bathing but the air temperature was no more than 16 degrees C, so the water must have been cold... When the swimming was over, Mary and Frederik and their guests went to the breakfast table. The rest of the day was enjoyed in the open air in the garden with a lot of playful teasing among the children... Mary’s nieces, Erin and Kate and nephew Alexander seemed to have a wonderful time in particular, but also little Prince Christian happily joined in with his cousins.

Mary’s brother-in-law went for an afternoon stroll in peace and quiet ... in Fredensborg Park. On the way he greeted several people who recognised him as the always smiling Australian. (by Ulrik Ulriksen whose way with words makes it fun --funny?-- and challenging for Muhler to translate!)

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