Saturday 2 June 2007

Joachim & Marie: another weekend together

The well worn path from Kastrup Airport into Copenhagen... and, Marie's Bichon Frise Apple is in her shoulder bag.

Billed Bladet has reported that last weekend Marie Cavallier again visited Copenhagen and spent the weekend with Prince Joachim. The brothers Frederik and Joachim each spent their weekend in the bosom of their families. The Danish royals tend to make a bigger deal of significant birthdays, so Frederik's 39th passed quietly and on Prince Henrik's upcoming 73rd birthday, Prince Joachim will be busy in Møgeltønder at Schackenborg with Alexandra, Nikolai and Felix at Cirkus Arena for the annual fundraiser for the Children's Cancer Fund.

Billed Bladet's (no. 22, 30 May 2007) Ulrik Ulriksen wrote about Joachim's and Marie's weekend in To lunch at Alexandra's and Martin's.

Ulriksen reported Prince Joachim was ready and waiting for Marie when she landed at Kastrup. After she claimed her baggage they were reunited with a hug and a kiss. Joachim grabbed Marie's suitcase and off they went to the waiting car. Joachim was focused on Marie but did answer a question from the Billed Bladet reporter.
“Are you going to Crown Prince Frederik’s birthday party with Marie during Whitsun?”
"No we’re not going to a birthday party. We are just going to have a quiet weekend together,” was the friendly reply from Prince Joachim.
So, while Crown Prince Frederik celebrated his birthday with Mary, Prince Christian and the new little one aboard Dannebrog, Joachim and Marie drove to Hellerup to visit Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen in their home on Svanemøllevej. There they had lunch and spent most of the afternoon. Marie was shown around the beautiful villa in northern Copenhagen, and had yet again the opportunity to be with the Princes Nikolai and Felix, who were with their mother during Whitsun (the 49th day after Easter - Pentecost - in the Christian calendar).
The many hours Joachim and Marie spent together with Alexandra and Martin is a testament to how well the two couples get on together. They have met together as much as possible when Marie has visited Denmark. They have celebrated New Year and the 7th anniversary of mutual friends together. In this way Marie and Alexandra have become good friends, just as Joachim and Martin Jørgensen have been for a long time.
Marie arrived on Friday afternoon, although Joachim had an
official duty* during the evening.
While Joachim was in
DR's Concert Hall for the string concert, Marie left the palace.
She went through the large gate at Amalienborg and strolled across the palace square to their good friends Oscar Davidsen and Britte Tang Lassen. When Joachim had finished his official business, he joined them for a cosy time in Oscar Davidsen’s apartment, only two minutes walk from Amalienborg. After a lovely evening Marie And Joachim bid their friends goodnight and strolled back to Amalienborg hand in hand.
Marie Cavallier has established a solid network of friends in Denmark. Prince Joachim has helped her with that by quietly introducing her to the friends he himself has had through the years and who have supported him faithfully. Several of them he has known since the years when he was a boy at Krebs Skole (where Nikolai and Felix now attend).
Many of the friends are also close to Alexandra and so it’s completely normal that Marie and Alexandra now share several Danish (female) friends.
Marie is close to Britt Tang Lassen, Henriette Steenstrup, Benedcite Darsberg and Maria Bast, among others, who Alexandra has had as her most intimate friends since her arrival in Denmark.
Camilla Barfoed is also a friend and Marie and Joachim went to the Sunday morning christening of her baby.
Marie Cavallier seems ready to take the leap from her small apartment in Geneva in Switzerland to bigger surroundings in Denmark.
Prince Joachim too seems ready, says Ulriksen, he’d rather not be without Marie for too long.
That was clear during the weekend through his time with her. Despite the visits to both Alexandra and Martin and to friends, the weekend was primarily Joachim and Marie alone together.
“It has been a wonderful weekend,” said Marie when she took the plane back to Geneva on Monday afternoon. (by Ulrik Ulriksen, translated by Muhler and edited by lotte. Muhler has long since observed Ulriksen is a Marie Cavallier convert. He has been sent by Billed Bladet to Geneva on a few occasions and becomes verily lyrical about Marie. We here on the blog are frequently amused by Muhler's editorial comments!)
* Prince Joachim is the patron for the annual Danish String Competition and attended the competition concert at the DR Concert Hall in Copenhagen.

Hello magazine 'Joachim and Marie go from strength to stength'

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