Thursday 3 May 2007

TV2 program: Crown Princess Mary at work

Visiting Aspendale Primary School in Melbourne last November to find out about the Alannah and Madeline Foundation's anti-bullying program Better Buddies.

A few days ago Denmark's TV2 screened a program about Crown Princess Mary's development in the role of crown princess.

There is footage of many appearances by Mary including Mary's first appearance at an event after her marriage (opening an art exhibition focussing on horses) among others. The commentators suggest Mary has progressed from earlier ribbon cutting events to become more involved in her work, which is born out by the remarks of heads of organisations for which Mary is patron (eg: Danish Heart Association, Save the Children). These days Mary involves herself in her patronages much more and behind the scenes her marketing and PR skills are appreciated and valued. As Mary becomes more confident it is only natural that her involvement should deepen. For example (it is not in the program) Mary has moved from support for the Danish fashion industry through her attendance at shows to this year being involved in the selection of the prize winner from among design students. There was a report in the Norwegian press that Mary worked tirelessly doing interviews during last February's CIFF. We only saw her 'officially' or publicly at two appearances on one day however.

The program is in Danish naturally, but it has good clips from just after marriage to the present and it is an opportunity to listen to and appreciate some Danish!

TV2 Kronprisesse Mary på arbejde (25:00)

Here are some screenshots (not great quality unfortunately) to give you the flavour of the program.

From Mary's visit to Aspendale Primary school during last year's private visit to Australia. Notice John Bertrand is with Mary on the visit (captained Mary's boat in Copenhagen in the pre-wedding match race):

Tha Heart Association's Family Day Course:

Launching a campaign for the Heart Association, speaking to the media about the positive in Gellerup, presenting a Psychiatric Foundation prize to the former prime minister of Denmark (Social Democrat) last year, with Alexandra at an early fashion event and keeping fit walking with Frederik:

There is much more to glean from the program.



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