Friday 4 May 2007

New claim Alexandra is pregnant

Her&Nu (no.18 2007) is reporting that Alexandra is pregnant. The evidence seems to be Her&Nu's judgement based on photos from Alexandra's last outing (in purple wrap dress). The magazine says Alexandra´s dream to become a mother again is true, based on the newest photos of the 42 year old newly-wed countess. As usual with pregnancy, time will tell. There has been no announcement or confirmation by Alexandra herself.

Meanwhile Alexandra has been busy:
April 27 2007 Alexandra presented the prize to the Danish Champion of Innovation after a competition between vocational students organised by the Danish Ministry of Education

April 28 Alexandra opened the Egmont Knowledge Centre at the
State Art Museum. Alexandra no longer has the use of a royal car or chauffeur, so a friend of Martin Jørgensen is doing the honours. Also, Alexandra no longer has Christine Lyng with her as lady-in-waiting/private secretary and has recently employed a part-time secretary for two days a week to handle her arrangements and correspondence etc. (thanks ambiDK!)

Alexandra was at a Danish Parkinson Association event for 300 sufferers at Rigshospitalet last week.

Also, Alexandra's monogram has now been modified to account for her new status as a countess by the removal of the crown denoting royalty, to a coronet.

If you want to see more on Alexandra, Lotte Haldrup's The Unofficial Website Alexandra Countess Of Frederiksborg is the place to go!

And a couple of photo galleries:
Billed Bladet photo gallery 1 - a princess' life in pictures
Billed Bladet photo gallery 2 - Alexandra's wedding

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