Tuesday 8 May 2007

First official photos of Lillepigen

All photos by Steen Brogaard.

The official photos of the Crown Prince Family have been released. They are beautifully taken by Steen Brogaard and published in Politiken, with the last below from TV2.

Added: More photos on the Crown Prince Couple's website

Billed Bladet will have all the photos and story on Thursday.

* the photos were taken last weekend (so Lillepigen is 2 weeks old)

From The Daily Telegraph:

First pictures of Mary's baby

By Fiona Hudson
May 09, 2007 12:00

PROUD new mum Crown Princess Mary has allowed a sneak peek into the newest snaps in the Danish royal family album.
Official photos of newborn "mini Mary" at home with Australian-born mum, dad Crown Prince Frederik and brother Prince Christian were released by the palace last night.
Photographer Steen Brogaard said the young prince couldn't wait to show off his younger sister to the camera.
"I asked where the baby was, and he said straight away 'This is the baby', and showed me. I'm sure he loves her already," Mr Brogaard said.
"She's a very nice little princess, she behaved well. She is beautiful. The whole family is beautiful."
The photographer said he'd been nervous before meeting the newest member of the Danish royal family, born on April 21.
"You have to be nervous on such an occasion. But it was excellent," he said of the rare royal photo shoot.
One snap shows a grinning Prince Christian playing with his younger sister, while another shows the young princess nicknamed "lille pige" – Danish for Little Girl – sleeping soundly with her tongue poking out slightly.
The newborn princess will not formally be named until her christening on July 1, in keeping with Danish tradition.
The photos were taken over the weekend at the royal family's home in Fredensborg, on the outskirts of Copenhagen.DT

Added: The Copenhagen Post:

First photos reveal a smiling princess

9 May 2007
The royal couple's new daughter smiled for the cameras and showed a striking resemblance to her mother in her first public photos.
The Royal Couple with Prince Christian and the new born Princess.
The resemblance is hard to miss. The newest member of the royal family looks just like her mom.
The first photos of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's new baby girl revealed she bears the same Tasmanian features as her Australian-born mother.
The photos, taken by Steen Brogaard, show the new princess with a full head of brown hair and dark eyes. Although she slept through much of the photo session, her smile was finally caught in one snap of Brogaard's camera.
The new princess's name is being withheld by her parents until her baptism on 1 July at Fredensborg Palace Church. The last royal baptism there was in 1999 when the baby's cousin, Prince Nikolai, was christened there.
During her baptism, the new princess is likely to wear the same gown worn by King Christian X during his 1870 christening, which was also worn by her brother during his 2005 christening.
The new princess's baptism will be a closed, private affair for friends and family only.CP

A lot of the media has the photos and Australian television news programs have featured the stills:

hello magazine.com - New family portrait captures Christian's brotherly love
Ekstra Bladet
TV2 photo gallery
TV2 - Her er Danmarks nye prinsesse Here is Denmark's new princess
DR.dk scoll down a little click on photo at right for flash player gallery
B.T. 'Se hoffets første billeder af prinsessen'
B.T. gallery
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SMH flash slideshow - Denmark's new princess
Same flash presentation in The Age
The Mercury - 'Latest Princess pictures'

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Blogger Unknown said...

They are such a beautiful family. I can not wait to live in Denmark and be able to call them "my" royal family! Silly, huh?

3:52 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Where have you found the three last photos? I can't find them on the Crown Prince Couple's website where you say they are from.

Kind regards Jeaneth

9:51 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

She is so gorgeous, and what a lovely family

1:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good God, she is such a cutie! :) And little Christian is adorable, such brotherly love...! I bet that they will be a good couple and have a good bond between them. They are close in age too.

It is too bad that "Ingrid" is already taken (in Norway). :( I would have liked to see this little girl with that name. Darn!

I wonder if Cpss Mary will let her hair grow.. it looks a bit like that to me..

3:15 am  
Blogger Home Educator's Helper said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I hope Mary is able to cherish every moment she has with those precious children. They grow up all too soon and their childhood becomes but a distant memory.


7:18 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Nice pictures! It seems that Prince Christian is not SO HAPPY about his little sister. I also read in different newspaper-articles, that he is very jealous of the newborn baby. I hope that Crownprincess Mary can handle it...

11:20 am  
Blogger Home Educator's Helper said...

Re Christian being jealous, I wonder who they would share that information with that it would get into public domain? (in other words I doubt they would share that) There is always going to be an initial period of adjustment when a newborn comes home, but I suspect they have plenty of help and a Nanny who he would be very familiar with so I doubt Christian would be feeling too out of sorts.

I have to have a little giggle every time I read that the baby was "well behaved" - so if she was crying would she have been being 'naughty'?

I was thinking today that the only thing I do envy a royal mum who apparantly has a hands on approach to parenting is the house help. How nice it would be to just bask in your new born baby knowing that dinner will be ready, washing done and bathroom cleaned ALL the time, and no doubt someone to do the more trying tasks of caring for a toddler, getting him bathed, dressed fed and put down for his naps. THAT would have been nice (in those initial weeks), I must admit!!

3:19 pm  
Blogger Believe in the Impossible said...

She is absolutely fracking gorgeous. I've never been much of a royal watcher, but this little princess has converted me. I am waiting very impatiently for some Australian womens rag to publish a new family album featuring this gorgeous creature!

My fave is definitely the one where she is sleeping on Mary's shoulder. 1, 2, 3 AWWWWW

3:42 pm  

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