Saturday 12 May 2007

Christian's important farewell

Before Christian stood at the door to welcome the Swedish royals to Fredensborg Palace a few days ago, he was involved in a farewell of great importance to a small boy. Also, as we can see, his Aunt Jane (Mary's elder sister Jane Stephens) has arrived from Australia to help welcome "Lillepigen" to the family, just as she had done when Christian was born 18 months ago. Later in the day, Jane, John and Susan Donaldson took Ziggy and went for a walk in the park around Fredensborg Palace. Billed Bladet (no.19, 10 May 2007) reported on Christian's tender goodbye to his grandfather's Buick – Christian waved goodbye

It’s not every day a big red tow truck* is parked outside Kancellihuset in Fredensborg, so when that happened last week little Prince Christian was there at once. With a plastic cup of water in one hand, he concentrated with fascination to see how his grandfather's car was hauled onto the big red truck. Then when the truck slowly rolled past the red fence with Prince Henrik’s Buick Centurion convertible onboard, Christian eagerly raised his little arm to wave it goodbye.

The whole event was monitored by Crown Princess Mary who had brought a cup of tea out in the sun and who for several minutes sat beside Christian to follow the work of the tow truck people. When that was over and the car was gone Mary wanted to go inside again to “Lillepigen”, but, that didn’t suit Christian. He wanted to see more, and one! two! three! he jetted off quickly with his little steps right out towards the other side of the fence until his mother turned him around with a firm grip on his arm. Then she picked him up, gave him a hug, and carried him the last stretch to the front door.

The DRF’s 34 year old Buick had an engine failure a week earlier when Prince Henrik was on his way to the airport. Another car was quickly summoned so that the Prince Consort could catch his plane, while the Buick was transported from the side of the highway back to Fredensborg. Last week the tow truck was back again to take it to a mechanic for repairs. To the great delight of a little Prince, who though he is fond of his little sister, still thinks that it was a bit more fun to watch a big red truck drive away with grandad’s car right out there on the road in front of his house.
* falck = rescue vehicle, predominantly rescue, ambulance and fire service vehicles in Denmark, so falck is synonymous for rescue service.
(by Anna Johannesen and translated by Muhler)
The Buick Centurion's earlier adventures out on the highway before being returned to Fredensborg:

"'Bye car!":

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I love your blog! Keep up the GREAT work!

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This is probably the cutest family ever. Prince Christian is absolutely adorable. And Princess Mary looks wonderful for just having a baby about three weeks ago.

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