Tuesday 6 March 2007

Mary visits Gellerup in Århus

Today Crown Princess Mary has made a visit to the Gellerup housing area in Århus. Like Vollsmose, which Mary visited last year, Gellerup is a disadvantaged area. In Gellerup Mary will visit various community institutions, projects and activities with the objective of supporting the stengthening of integration and community ties between Gellerup and the Århus community in general.

After a greeting at the Århus Town Hall, Mary has been shown how things are from childhood to old age in Gellerup. First stop of the tour was the Sports Kindergarten at Globus 1 followed by visits to the 'Young to Young' project, 'Outsiders 2 Insiders', the New Work Entrepeneur Centre, Bazaar West and finally she went to the Gellerup Local Centre.

TV2 - Gellerup gør klar til royalt besøg about Mary's impending visit
Jyllands-Posten - En prinsesse kom til byen a princess comes to town
TV2 - Mary besøger Gellerup Mary visits Gellerup
stiften.dk - Mary besøger 'Ung til Ung' Mary visits the youth project 'Youth to Youth'
stiften.dk - Politisk ballade om Marys besøg some political criticism by the right of the social democrats, in office in the local council in Århus, using Mary's visit
DR.dk Østjylland - Kronprinsesse Mary på livsrejse i Gellerup Crown Princess Mary on a life journey in Gellerup
Politikere kæmper om Mary about the political controversy between the Social Democrats (in power in Århus local council) and the right wing Venstre party. Venstre city council members have complained because although they will meet Mary at the town reception, they will not be able to have a photocall with her at the Town Hall.

stiften.dk - photo gallery

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TV 2 Østjylland video clip (5:32) shows Mary's progress through the reception in Århus and then the visit to Gellerup. The last part has an in-studio interview with Århus mayor Nikolai Wammen (shown right of Mary in top photo) who says what a boost Mary's visit was for Århus and Gellerup and how warm Mary was as she met people each place she went.

TV2 video clip (2:22)

B.T. photo gallery

J-P video clip 'Mary vild med Århus'

Added: Hello magazine 'Gymnastic outings for Princess Mary and Prince Charles'

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