Thursday 8 March 2007

Is Alexandra pregnant?

It is being reported by the Danish media that Alexandra Countess of Fredriksborg is pregnant. The report comes from the tabloid SE og HØR and other media sources are quoting that tabloid in their reportage, so it cannot be said to be confirmed as true quite yet. SE og HØR is very confidently reporting the story though, and claims the Austrian branch of Alexandra's family have confirmed the pregnancy. Apparently Alexandra's closest family, her parents and sisters, have not said anything, but the wider circle of her family in Austria (her mother is Austrian) are openly discussing whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

SE og HØR 'Fru. Jørgensen: gravid' (Mrs Jørgensen: pregnant)
Ekstra Bladet
B.T. online
TV2 video from Go'Aften Danmark interview with Henrik Qvortrup, editor of SE og HØR which claims to have the exclusive.

Note: if you have had problems seeing some photos it is because photobucket was doing a routine maintenance. Photos should be visible again now. We have many photos from Alexandra's wedding and some other news too, but we can't upload the photos yet. We will as soon as possible.

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