Thursday 22 March 2007

Alexandra wedding wrap

We promised a wrap from the magazines on Alexandra's wedding. Sorry it has been a while coming. Regarding the reports Alexandra was pregnant, it seems more than likely SE og HØR's claim within days of the wedding was premature, so the question mark in the heading on our post was the way to go on that report. Maybe Alexandra's family were having a bit of sport knowing a reporter was in earshot? Nice idea! This week Her&Nu has yet another photo shoot of the holidaying family (Alexandra and Martin walking on the beach together, Nikolai and Felix playing together at the water's edge and the family feeding koi carp in fish ponds). Unlike Billed Bladet last week, Her&Nu reveals the location of the honeymoon was Mauritius. We won't post a photo of the make-up artist responsible for Alexandra's look, who was featured again in Billed Bladet last week.

Newspaper B.T. has reported on the pre-nuptial agreement -- B.T. - Martin får ikke en krone (Martin doesn't get a krone). It says Martin will not get any of Alexandra's assets should they ever divorce. With Alexandra keeping all in the event of divorce, Martin brings his good humour and cameras into the marriage and will retain whatever assets he acquires as his own.
This is disclosed by the pre-nuptial agreement which was publicly accessible at Aarhus yesterday.
Everything which each party brings into the marriage or acquires in the future of the marriage, through work, by gift, inheritance or in any other way, must be considered as completely separate property of the party who has acquired it (in section 2).
This means that they won't own anything in common, and they can be considered as completely separate parties, as if they were not married.
Martin Jørgensen got his prinsess, but definitely not half of the kingdom, said B.T.

Billed Bladet published a copy in this week's issue. The marriage settlement is signed by Alexandra Christina, Princess of Denmark, Countess of Frederiksborg (plus address) and by photographer Martin Jørgensen (plus address) both of age, hereby setting up a marriage settlement in connection with our forthcoming marriage of March 3, 2007.
Section 1
There will be no common property, but totally separate property as described below.
Section 2
Everything each of us takes with us into the marriage or aquires during the marriage by working, by inheritance or as gifts or in any other way, is regarded as complete separate property of the one who has aquired it.
This holds too for property bought by these aquirements and rent from each separate property.
Section 3
This present prenuptial is applied to be notarised in the Book of Cars and Persons at the Court of Aarhus.
Copenhagen February 27, 2007
Alexandra & M. Jorgensen (their signatures).

We can only assume there was a re-jigging of all the royal marriage settlements at the end of last year as this marriage was being organised, which perhaps explains the revised agreement signed last October between Frederik and Mary.

On another note, the Danish jeweller Nicolette Stoltze made the three rings for the engagement and the wedding. She has made two rings for Alexandra and one for Martin, and Billed Bladet reported her work was received enthusiastically.
"I have had fantastic co-operation with Martin and Alexandra and the result is great. The engagement ring is super beautiful and original. ... I have been educated as a a goldsmith and to make rings is my favorite work. It is a kind of jewellery which can be studied by the wearer unlike earrings. (thanks santa!)

In Billed Bladet (no.10 9 March 2007) it was reported what Martin Jørgensen said to Alexandra at the reception at Jomfruens Egede in his wedding speech, "You are sometimes a bit too bright."
Many beautiful words were said during the wedding dinner at Jomfruens Egede. But the speech to be remembered longest by the guests is the speech from a very in love groom to his bride. Martin did not hide how happy and in love he is with Alexandra, but in order for it all not to be too sentimental he ended by saying “You are bright, perhaps sometimes a bit too bright,” which made both Alexandra as well as the party laugh out loud.
The dinner started at 7pm but the guests were not hungry when they sat down at the tables in the garden room and in the big sitting room. After the ceremony onion rum (?) was served and also other delicacies in a tent outside and to that was served champagne and vodka. All the windows in the two rooms were adorned with newly leaved cherry-branches and on all tables stood snowdrops and candles. The bridal couple sat together while all the guests had had a “strange” gentleman or lady next to them at their tables. This produced a good mood which was never too difficult for the toastmaster to control.
Alexandra’s father-in-law Jacob Jørgensen was the first speaker. He said that Martin had always been very adult for his age and that he was almost more Italian than Dane, after having lived for eight years in Rome. There was only praise for Alexandra and a “welcome to the family”. Alexandra later thanked Martin for his love and said how happy she is, first in English and then in Danish.
Two of Alexandra’s girlfriends, Camilla Bredholt and Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg, also made toasts during the dinner and Martin’s best man, Erik Refner, gave a speech for the bridal couple. After entertainment and coffee it was finally time for the wedding waltz. Alexandra and Martin just made it before the clock struck twelve, and as custom dictates the groom had his socks cut to pieces.
Then the newlyweds cut the wedding cake which came from La Baquette in Charlottenlund. It had three tiers and “tasted heavenly” as expressed by several of the guests. At 3am there was a snack and then the dancing went on until it was almost light.
At that time the Princes Nikolai and Felix had been sleeping for several hours. They neither heard the speeches nor saw the wedding waltz. For them the highlight was to walk up the aisle hand in hand with their mother. (thanks Muhler!)

Billed Bladet (no.10, 10 March 2007) observed a playful Nikolai the day after the wedding.
Prince Nikolai and little brother Felix were allowed to be up just as late as they wanted at their mother Alexandra’s wedding.
Still, there wasn't the slightest sign of tiredness to see at the two Princes the next day. Rather the princes were fresh and happy and Prince Nikolai in particular was in a playful mood. Shortly after the first guests had arrived late morning on Sunday for brunch at Jomfruens Egede with the newlyweds and their families, the two princes were in full swing.
They had their cousins Benjamin, 4, Matthew, 4, and Joshua, 6, from Hong Kong and England visiting and so could play with them. After the breakfast the boys amused themselves indoors at Jomfruens Egede, where there was plenty of room for the boys to run around and have fun. But Prince Nikolai in particular needed to burn of some surplus energy he had saved up from the day before when with Felix he had behaved as an exemplary 'bridesmate' for their mother.
So while the wedding guests arrived at Jomfruens Egede to collect their cars, have brunch and thank the bridal couple for a lovely party, the princes persuaded their favourite nanny, Merete Matz, to play a little with them outside, even though she was also busy packing the car with presents, flowers and suitcases.
The boys jumped and danced with joy around her and Prince Nikolai was so eager that he jumped on Merete who laughingly surrendered and played horse with Nikolai on her back while she bent over slightly and with a sure grip swung the jubilant prince over her in an arc so that he landed on his legs.
That was clearly a “do it again” and so much fun that Prince Felix also wanted to try it after he had closed his jacket with a little difficulty because of the zipper.
The brunch was fairly long but at around 1pm it was time to say goodbye to Martin’s parents, Jane and Jacob, with whom the princes have developed a close and good relationship. Only at around 2.30 did the princes and one of their cousins and the nannies drive home to the house on Svanemøllevej, and shortly before 5pm the newlyweds left Jomfruens Egede, smiling, happy and waving.
Alexandra and Martin have started a new chapter in their lives. (thanks Muhler!)

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