Thursday 15 March 2007

Alexandra & Martin on honeymoon, oh, & Nikolai & Felix too!

In a Billed Bladet exclusive this week journalist Anna Johannesen and photographer Hanne Juul have found Alexandra, Martin, Nikolai and Felix on an Indian Ocean island (somewhere!) "honeymooning en famille". We will bring you more details later but thought the photos would be good to see in the meantime (they are exclusive and copyright to Billed Bladet). Anna Johannesen is good at 'finding people' -- she found Mary in Sydney as she was going to work!

*We still have more to bring you shortly in a wedding wrap up...

Alexandra and Martin agreed to this interview on the condition Anna Johannesen would not reveal where they are and she tells Johannesen she is mystified by the pregnancy rumours, but is nevertheless enigmatic about it.

From Billed Bladet (no.11 16 March 2007) reports Martin is "the happiest man in the world"

“Watch out, Felix. No further out. I’ll get the ball.”
Alexandra is as fast as lightning. She drops the sandals in the sand, let go of Martin’s hand and runs into the sea where her little son in the meantime has sat down so that the water nearly reaches his neck. He laughs out loud because neither he nor his older brother are wearing bathing suits. They are actually wearing neat shorts, shirts with knitted pullovers because the intention was that they were dressed and ready for dinner a little later.
“But I can see now that we have to go and change, but that’s how it is when you have two lively boys,” smiles Alexandra, “will you take their shoes please, Martin?”
If you didn’t know better, you would think that the four on the beach is an ordinary Danish family on vacation. But that’s not quite how it is. The handsome young man is indeed named Jørgensen, but the two boys are princes and their mother has just become a countess.
“Not to me,” says newlywed Martin and gives Alexandra a squeeze. “She is my wife and I’m the happiest man in the world.”
After a wedding which was “just as we dreamed it would be”, Alexandra and Martin have gone on honeymoon. They left a couple of days after the party at Jomfruens Egede, and were therefore far away when the “news” about Alexandra being pregnant surfaced in the media.
“I have no comments about that at all,” she says, “but if my wedding dress should indicate anything in that direction, I can only say that I have a fantastically skilled tailor who can sow a dress that fits like it should and emphasize what needs emphasizing,” she says with a big smile and adds, “We have two lovely children. Whether there will be one, several - or none at all – more, it can't be much better,” she says.
“Our family is just as it should be,” supplements husband Martin, who has also put his shoes in the sand in order to run out into the water to the boys.
“Martin, Martin, catch,” yells Nikolai and shoots the ball away with the same stick Felix also wanted to play with. That results in a bit of shouting between the boys, quickly quietened down by their mother.
“The two boys are actually each others' best friends,” says Alexandra. “They are super together, even though they naturally also tease each other. I so much enjoy being with them. I never would have gone on honeymoon without them.”
“That has never been an issue,” says Martin.
“None of us can be without them for so long.”
When Alexandra, whose title now is Countess of Frederiksborg, and Martin Jørgensen planned their honeymoon they agreed that it had to be in a place that was warm and not least friendly for children. It ended up with a five star hotel on an exotic island in the Indian Ocean, a true paradise, where they spend the days “just playing and doing nothing”.
The beach is wonderful for children and Nikolai has become really good at swimming. It’s only Felix who still needs floaties,” says Alexandra, who several times a day puts protective sun lotion on her boys to avoid them getting burned. The sun is strong, especially in the middle of the day, when the temperature easily reaches 35 degrees C.
“Felix has become a little redness on the back of the legs, but it’s not too bad. To him it’s worse that he has just got a plaster on his index finger, because he got a scratch,” says Alex.
That the two boys are fond of their mother’s new husband is clear to see, and 29 year old Martin Jørgensen does not hide how much fun he thinks it is to be with Nikolai and Felix.
“We build sandcastles and I think we will go sailing too one of these days,” says Martin, who sailed as a boy and still thinks it’s fun to get out on the water.
“So far the wind has just been a bit too strong and you have to take that sort of thing seriously,” says Martin while he stands under a palm on the beach with his arm around Alexandra.
When Billed Bladet meets the small family Alex is dressed in a camouflage patterned mini skirt and a light top, apart from a dab of lipstick she is not wearing any make-up and her hair hangs loose. She has put her wedding ring on her left hand along with her engagement ring, but apart from that, a thin gold chain around her neck and pearl earrings are her only jewels. She will not disclose what her morning gift from Martin was, nor what they received as wedding presents from the small princes.
“No that’s a secret, but I can tell you that both Nikolai and Felix are really sweet in giving us nice drawings. We get a steady supply of those,” says Alex and gives a loving glance to the two boys who are now soaked.
“Incidentally, weren’t they a couple a good wedding pages? I was so proud of them. I believe that was obvious from seeing me,” says Alexandra and picks up shoes and sandals from the sand.
In the meantime Martin is on the way back to the hotel with Nikolai and Felix.
“We must have mummy along,” yell the boys.
“Of course, we certainly can’t do without her,” replies Martin while he turns around to look for Alexandra. “My lovely wife,” he says. (By Anna Johannesen/Billed Bladet and many thanks to Muhler for translation!)

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