Thursday 1 March 2007

Alexandra is getting married (just in case you didn't know!)

We have lots and lots of pre-wedding articles and some pictures (tomorrow!), but in the meantime an update on what has been going on:

* There has been a bit of a tabloid and TV versus Alexandra fight going on about the coverage of the wedding. The two major television networks (DR1 and TV2) declared it a major event a week or so ago and arranged for some major broadcasting of the wedding. However, Alexandra had other ideas - she wants a private wedding and has refused to co-operate with the Danish media. She has been roundly condemned by the tabloid media for her position.

As of today the planned TV coverage of the wedding has been called off. Instead of the intended extended coverage, TV2 will have news spots at the time of the wedding and DR1 will have some news in its early news show on Saturday. The wedding venue will be closed to everyone but guests (implies some heavy security). The media has appealed to Alexandra, but it appears to no avail. The tabloids are definitely not happy and claim she is still receiving money from the state and so it is her duty to allow at least some media access for a photo shoot before and after the wedding.

* B.T. says Alexandra is thinking of her two boys in wanting a quiet and romantic wedding, quoting the priest who will conduct the service.

* There is much speculation about whether Joachim will attend, and even some about whether Marie Cavallier will also. It is suggested by one royal commentator that Marie's attendance would mean a certain engagement between her and Joachim.

* The priest who will conduct the service is Peter Parkov who is a close friend to Queen Margrethe and has for many years even been present with the royal family each Christmas.

* Alexandra's champagne coloured wedding dress has been designed by Henrik Hviid, who also designed the christening gown for Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix.

* Helle Bach will be the stylist (make-up, hair etc.)

* The media has made a big deal out of Frederik's non-attendance. 1) we have no idea whether Alexandra invited members of the royal family, and 2) there has been an arrangement in place since long before the wedding was announced that Frederik will be away for a week on the Vædderen, the Galathea 3 ship he will meet in the Galapagos Islands. So definitely no Frederik and it was never a possibility that he would be there.

* The photographer Erik Refner is to be Martin's best man. Martin Jørgensen and Erik Refner have been friends for 10 years and know each other through professional photographic circles.

* HER&NU speculates that Alexandra and Martin will be eager to begin their own family.

* In all liklihood Alexandra is aiming for a private and low-key wedding to help her on her way to becoming a private citizen (even though she remains the mother of two princes of the realm).

(thanks santa, Benedikte, Muhler, ambiDK and Riki)

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