Wednesday 28 February 2007

A moment to catch up...

We are just taking a moment to say we are unfortunately a little behind in posting, and we will now post some catch ups on Joachim and Marie Cavallier and Alexandra and Martin. As many of our readers know, we do this in our spare time and sometimes real life and technical problems and, yes, weather, gets in the way of posting.

We would not be able to give the details from the Danish media without the translating efforts of Muhler, who diligently translates great quantities of material for us every week. We are also indebted to cph who also gives us access to a lot of Danish media material.

Others also provide fantastic support and information in many different ways, including santa, gudinde, ambiDK, potter, jema, Leonie, Riki, bonsai, mayflower, Sissi, Sternchen, Valentine, Benedickte, Gattica, elizabeth, commoner, Lotte Haldrup, and many, many more. So, thanks to all, we have a busy time ahead with Alexandra's marriage, and then not too far away, the birth of Mary's and Frederik's second child...


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