Monday 29 January 2007

Mary visits Children's Aid Foundation home

Today Crown Princess Mary has visited the Glostrup Observation and Treatment Home as patron of the Children's Aid Foundation, which has worked for improvement in the conditions for children since 1904. The director of the Children's Aid Foundation has said the Glostrup Home will give Mary an insight into their work, as there are staff members with 25-30 years experience working there. The institution is a home for small (0-10) children who have been taken from their parents for reasons of severe neglect or abuse (alcoholics, criminals, drug addicts, incestuous relations and socially malfunctioning parents). These children have great need for special care from social workers and other carers and professionals and often present as very difficult cases. The children were excited to have received some new computers at the Glostrup Home to co-incide with Mary's visit.

From the The Children's Aid website:

Children's Homes (in Danish)
Mary besøger børnehjem Mary visits children's home
Added: Mary besøgte børnehjem 'Mary visits children's home' (in Danish) from B.T.
TV2/Local Eyes photo gallery of Mary arriving video clip (1:40)
TV Sputnik video clip (0:40) (just the arrival)

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