Wednesday 24 January 2007

Mary update

B.T. has reported that Mary is taking it easier during this pregnancy than she did when she was pregnant with Christian. At one point during Mary's first pregnancy she experienced premonitory pains (mild uterine contractions before the beginning of true labour) and had to be hospitalised briefly at Rigshospitalet (University Hospital) in Copenhagen. There are no reports of alarm about Mary, just this article postulating why there is a reduced number of appearances by Mary in recent times. Also, Mary has Christian to care for now, which was not a factor last time, and is no doubt preparing him for the arrival of a new sister or brother.

During this pregnancy Mary has been more careful of her health. Mary's royal calendar has far fewer events than during her last pregnancy, so it seems she may be taking precautions to ensure good health for her baby and herself, says B.T.

A month before she was to give birth Mary was taken to Rigshospitalet by ambulance and doctors ordered her to clear her calendar in the few weeks before Christian was born. At the time experts commented that Mary had probably placed too much pressure upon herself by doing too much. Last time round Mary was out doing royal duties in stilettos quite late into her pregnancy, says B.T., quoting Vibeke Manniche. So rather than making too many appearances this time round, Mary is taking care at home at The Chancellory House in Fredensborg. While Mary is active and healthy in her approach to pregnancy, it is possible there are a few problems which we can't know about which she needs to manage for the wellbeing and best outcome for her new baby and herself.

Meanwhile, in another report, in Se og Hør this time, it is claimed Mary is worth 66 billion DKK to Denmark. An image researcher and analyst used by the government says if Mary was a product in Netto (supermarket chain) her value would be greater than the combined export value of Danish dairy products, which was worth 13 billion DKK in 2005.

Simon Anholt says Mary generates money every time she appears: for designers, for the organisations she represents and appears for and not least of all, for the media which covers her every move. Denmark and its economy benefits from the tourism created by the monarchy in general and Mary in particular. Mary is helping to make Denmark well-known around the world, says Anholt, and effectively she is a walking cash register.

Another item concerning Mary is a HELLO! magazine online vote which declared her the most elegant for 2006. Various Danish media reported the story of the vote (including TV2), which was exceptional for having Britney Spears in the 'most elegant' lineup.

On a final note, we do have some official calendar events for Mary and Frederik coming up in the next few weeks which we can look forward to.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is glowing! :)

I wonder if she has always had that same haircolour. Maybe I'm mistaken here, but I remember that earlier she did have lighter brown hair. In a way it is interesting to see how people change in limelight. :) Mette-Marit of Norway, she was a brunette in her teen years, I've seen some photos of her from that period.

12:33 am  
Blogger stitch said...

nice blog!

8:31 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Thanks cj!

Hi peggy g!
This is a file photo from last year -- there are no current photos of Mary -- tomorrow there will be.
As to her hair colour, it has always looked pretty much the same to me. Sometimes there are variations depending on lighting, computer screens etc. This photo was taken in daylight/outdoors. Mette-Marit is a light brunette and I guess Maxima is too.


2:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lotte: thank you for your answer. :) All these royal ladies do look lovely, no matter what their hair colour is. :) But I think that Mary is the most beautiful, I just cannot help it. Happy Denmark, lucky to have her!

9:17 pm  

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