Friday 26 January 2007

Mary accepts donation for Children's Aid Foundation

Today Crown Princess Mary has accepted a donation to the the Children's Aid Foundation at the Museum of Copenhagen. The newapaper B.T. has raised 1 krone from sales of each paper sold from 1 - 24 December 2006. Mary is the patron of the Children's Aid Foundation and has accepted 1,169,468 Dkk on behalf of the Foundation.

From the The Children's Aid website:

Crown Princess Mary's speech (in Danish)

B.T. article in Danish 'Mary - nu med 60'er-frisure' commenting on Mary's new 1960s hairdo.

B.T. Web-TV/video clip (2:20)

The Children's Aid Foundation asked ABZebra to do a book for Christian's christening gift, the version Frederik and Mary received for Christian was handbound with the original drawings. ABZebra is a great source of Danish/English story books and modern fairytales for children and can be ordered from their ABZebra online shop.

Added: news video clip (0:20)

Jyllands Posten
(article in Danish plus photos) 'Kronprinsesse Mary - nu med 60'er-hår' again about the event and Mary's 60's inspired hairdo.

TV2 photo gallery

TV2 Sputnik video clip

From The Children's Aid website:

One million to the Crown Princess

As patron for Children's Aid Foundation H.R.H. The Crown Princess Mary recieved 1,169,468 kr, the biggest single donation to the foundation of all time.
The Children's Aid Foundation and B.T. co-operated in a unique way last December in a fund-raising campaign which began on December 1 and went to December 24, 2006. In this period B.T. donated 1 Dkkr. for every copy of the newspaper sold and readers could also donate extra by using mobile text messages and via ordinary telephone calls. The amount collected ended at 1,169,468 kr. which was handed over the the Crown Princess at a festive occasion at Copenahgen City Museum. Invited guest for the occasion included 22 kids who are living at children's homes and with foster families.
It is the first time in Denmark that an aid organisation and a newspaper has co-operated in this way to collect money for children in care out of their homes...
..."The money will help to give children living in institutions and with foster families many postive and exciting experiences. What is perhaps more important is that this kind of campaign helps to focus the media's attention on the situation of children living away from their families. We have had many contacts from people all over Denmark, and it is our clear impression that the Danes want to help, so that these kids will have brighter future, ” says the director of the Children's Aid Foundation.

The newspaper B.T. which donated the money, says they will focus on the children in institutions and foster homes in articles during 2007, and will arrange for events for these children to enliven their daily life. (thanks santa!)

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Blogger Unknown said...

Ooohhh I really like her new hair cut. Refreshing look. She looks radiant.


5:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it too. :) But well, let's face it: when a lady is as beautiful as Mary is, it is hard to look bad. :)

But I wonder why they call it "60s style"? To me it looks like one form of the classic bob. This style with its many variations (!) has been around since 1920s. It is timeless, true classic. I do not see any resemblance with Mrs. Kennedys look. She wore her hair often heavy & stiff with hairspray etc. Crown Princess Marys look is much more natural.

Almost makes me want to cut my hair, seeing how radiant and pretty the princess looks! ;)

11:20 pm  

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