Wednesday 13 December 2006

Henrik hosts the Grib Skov hunt

Today Prince Henrik hosted the Royal hunting at Grib Skov. The ladies went to lunch at the Badstueslottet in Hillerød. Among the shooters were Crown Prince Frederik. Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary hosted the ladies tour. The dinner followed in the evening at Fredensborg Castle.

Frederiksborg - Badstueslottet
Grib Skov (in Danish)
Grib Skov is administered and cared for by Danish Forest and Nature Agency (only link in English -- but doesn't have details available in Danish)

A note: neither of us support hunting. Since we have been following the Danish Royals it is something we have learned is a royal pastime. We have read information about how it is controlled and all the things which are often said to defend hunting. But, although it is a royal tradition, we are disappointed this practice continues.

Added: TV2 has reported that Mary is not too keen on hunting. Mary is said to feel sorry for the deer and is upset when the animals suffer if they don't die from the first shot. (Thanks Risum!)
TV2 photo gallery

New! Prince Christian turns 'Teletubby' for chilly outing in Hello! Magazine

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hunting is a very old tradition in Denmark, and other countries as well. It's a way of taking care of your land, and you can better enjoy the nature and surroundings at your properties when hunting. I don't think the Danish Royal Family will never abandon the hunting.

11:44 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

hello Lotte,
I was wondering what happen to your princess alexandra website.


4:30 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi Grace,

I am not the Lotte who runs the Princess Alexandra website. That is (big L) Lotte Haldrup who lives in the USA. Lotte is a very good friend to this blog and we recommend her site which has many, many photos and lots of information about Princess Alexandra.

The address of her website is:

Just copy and paste the address into a new window.

I am 'small l' lotte from Australia. Sorry if there has been any confusion and enjoy Lotte Haldrup's site :)

lotte (small l from Oz!)

11:56 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks Lotte for clearing that up.
And a big thank you for the link. I really like the job you guys are doing on this website. I log on almost everyday for the latest scoop. It's awesome!!

Eastwood, NSW

11:24 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

You are welcome Grace, and thanks for your words of appreciation!

lotte :)

6:01 am  

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