Saturday 30 December 2006

DRWs review: Frederik 2006

A little pictorial look of the year that was for Frederik. He has been busy showing his special 'something' in the way he connects with people and also has various duties we do not show because they are not photographed (such as private audiences and State Council meetings) or detailed in the public calendar of the Crown Prince.

Frederik has been involved in Farr 40 sailing for several years now. This last year he has competed in the Mediterranean European circuit and the World Championship 2006 in Newport, RI. Frederik was instrumental in winning the Farr 40 World Championship for Denmark in 2007. In July there will be a Nordic Farr 40 competition in Norway, then in Skagen, Denmark and Marstrand, Sweden. In August there will be Baltic Week in Neustadt, Germany and then the pre-worlds and World Championships in Copenhagen through to the beginning of September.

In private Frederik went to a a couple of concerts, a friend's bachelor party, a wedding and solo but official at Wimbledon as patron of The Danish Tennis Association. Frederik was in Australia too, of course:



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