Friday 27 October 2006

Some recent photos of Mary...

Frederik and Mary in St Petersburg. Mary was unwell at one of the ceremonies at the end of September, which is when the pregnancy speculation picked up in the media and on the internet.

We thought a revisit of some recent photos of Mary might be in order. We know now she was pregnant at least since she resumed official duties after the summer holiday in July. These are just a sample, you can click on previous posts and our archives to look at more photos.

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Blogger lotte said...

Hi Danielle,
Thank you for expressing your congratulations to Mary.
If you (or anyone) wishes to send a card or letter of congratulations to Mary you can address it to:

Crown Princess Mary,
PO Box 2143
DK-1015 Copenhagen K

You will get a reply thanking you for your good wishes.

All the best,
lotte :)

5:06 am  

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