Thursday 19 October 2006

Henrik at the elephant house Copenhagen Zoo

Photos TV2

Prince Henrik has 'layed the first stone' (actually seems to be cement!) at the new elephant house at Copenhagen Zoo with his usual humour (plus he was wearing a performing seal tie!). Henrik was happy to launch this project due to be completed in 2007 - a new home for the elephants which were given to himself and the Queen by the King and Queen of Thailand in 2001.

From The Copenhagen Post:

The Prince, the architect and the elephants
18 October 2006
The Prince Consort laid the cornerstone for a new elephant house at Copenhagen Zoo, designed by renowned architects Foster & Partners.
Copenhagen Zoo's royal protector, Prince Henrik, honoured that title Tuesday, as he dedicated the cornerstone of Copenhagen Zoo's new elephant house.
The 'stone' was actually a steel-cylinder time capsule which was sealed into the floor by a couple shovelfuls of concrete by the Prince Consort.
The elephant house was designed by famed architect Spencer de Gray of Foster & Partners. The time capsule, which serves as the structure's cornerstone, contained two sketches by Sir Norman Foster and three signed illustrations of the elephant house by artist Narinder Sagoo.
'The new elephant house is made out of glass, concrete and steel, which is why we are laying down a steel cylinder and not brick,' explained zoo director Lars Lunding Andersen.
The capsule also contained a short description of the ideas behind the construction, the zoo's latest annual report, a copy of the Zoo's magazine Zoonyt and photographs of the event.
Planning for the elephant house started back in 1999. The project went into full force when in 2001 the zoo received two elephants, Tonsak and Kungrao, as a present from the royal couple of Thailand. Another elephant, Surin, was received that same year.
Spencer de Gray, the architect, attended the event and described the project as one of the most exciting the world-famous London practice has ever done.
The elephant house, which will cost DKK 200 million, is expected to open to the public in 2008. The Copenhagen Post

B.T. 'Prinsen og de store elefanter'
TV 2 'Prins Henrik som håndværker i Zoo' and check TV 2's photo gallery
TV2 video clip (1.40min)

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