Saturday 16 September 2006

Frederik in new Danish Red Cross appeal

from Dansk Røde Kors:

HRH The Crown Prince has chosen to support the annual Red Cross appeal this year in a new way. In a confronting TV ad the Crown Prince calls for a generous response to the appeal. The TV ad points to the unspeakable suffering which requires an active response to the appeal. It is always a challenge to organize such a big collection, but 20,000 people will volunteer to go door to door throughout the country. "All will listen with the Crown Prince speaking, and I am convinced our appeal will be a great success," says Red Cross general secretary Jørgen Poulsen.

HRH The Crown Prince is committed to the principles of Danish Red Cross and each year is more determined to assist with the relief effort. The TV ad has been made with the Crown Prince's regular photographer Steen Evald together with the Skandinavisk Film Company.

  • You can also watch the video in quicktime format here (0:29)
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    from DR 1 TV:
    The Crown Prince Couple is more and more committed to social matters
    Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are coming closer to us in our homes. Mary recently had tea with an immigrant family in Vollsmose, Odense. And tomorrow (well, now) Crown Prince Frederik appears on television in an advertisement for Danish Red Cross.

    TV Avisen (2:10)

    Thanks to lob4475 for uploading the vid on youtube!

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    Blogger lotte said...

    Hi josephine35,
    Thanks for your comments, we really do appreciate your feedback :)

    My impression of Frederik is he has long had a social conscience, but perhaps just as Mary is, he is growing into his role now that he is more settled in life with a wife and child. Queen Margrethe actually said this at the annual press conference in Cayx last month.

    I think what we are seeing are some shifts in the roles in the Royal Family which naturally come from the divorce of Joachim and Alexandra, the marriage and parenthood of Frederik and Mary and the aging of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik.

    There are many photographic proofs that Crown Prince Frederik has been concerned about social issues -- royals are brought up that way after all and particularly so in socially conscious Scandinavia. I guess the tabloid versions of 'Turbo Prince' and 'playboy prince' didn't care to emphasise his other qualities ;)

    5:18 am  

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