Monday 10 July 2006

Family time in Copenhagen

On Sunday, July 9, Crown Princess Mary, Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Christian and Ziggy visited Mary's father John and step-mother Susan in Nyhavn, Copenhagen. John and Susan Donaldson are staying in an apartment in Nyhavn while both have visiting positions at the University of Copenhagen.

Added: Also having family time -- Prince Joachim in Cahors market with Prince Felix.
See Hello! magazine 'Prince Joachim and son Felix enjoy a boys' day out'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Caroline Heering follows Mary when she has visits like this .. I mean, private family visits.

I would love to see photos of Caroline Heering too. Some say that she looks exactly like Mary, just with red/brownish hair! I wonder if her children are going to be friends with little prince Christian!

2:07 am  
Blogger lotte said...

If Mary and Caroline were together every moment of their lives it would be rather odd, don't you think? Mary, Frederik and Christian need to do their own family things surely? And likewise for Caroline and Peter Heering and their two daughters -- they also have their own family life. Have a look at some earlier posts and you will see Mary and Caroline don't look at all alike. It is mentioned in Roundup #7 that Christian will be mixing with all the children of the royal family and Frederik's and Mary's friends, including the Heerings' daughters.

5:41 pm  

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