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Wednesday 28 June 2006

Frederik and Mary at re-opening of Glyptotek museum

This evening Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have attended the reopening of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek which is a sculpture museum created by the Carlsberg beer founder Carl Jacobsen (1842-1914). The current museum is based on his collection and has been undergoing a rebuilding and refit since 2003. The artist who will be featured in a special exhibition for the re-opening is Degas in 'Degas and Landscape'.

"Today, the museum houses the largest collection of ancient art in Northern Europe, primarily sculpture, from Egypt, the Near East, Greece and Italy. But during the more than one hundred years of its existence, the museum has also expanded the collection of French and Danish art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Impressionists, Paul Gauguin and Auguste Rodin are particularly well represented." (from the museum's website)

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek New Carlsberg Sculpture Museum

Added: Hello! magazine 'Mary takes a leaf out of a U.S. First Lady's style book'
The Vancouver Sun 'Royal couple to inaugurate Copenhagen's renovated Glyptotek museum'
Denmark.dk 'Glyptotek Reopens'

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Tuesday 27 June 2006

Frederik opens 'Solar System' exhibition

Yesterday, June 26, Crown Prince Frederik opened a new permanent exhibition at the Geological Museum in Copenhagen. The exhibition is The Solar System - 'The origin of everything to the beginning of life'


Friday 23 June 2006

Day two of the Bornholm visit

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary greet the crowd in Allinge on the Baltic island of Bornholm.

Visit to the Bornholm Museum of Art

Crown Princess Mary holds a smoked fish as Crown Prince Frederik walks next to her as they tour a herring fish smokehouse on the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm. Fresh-smoked herrings are a local delicacy, but herring is also a Danish slang word for 'beautiful women'. The press asked the Crown Prince if he will hold a herring, but he put his arm around Mary and said that she is his herring.
TV 2 article 'Kronprinsens egen sild' (trans. 'Frederik's own herring')

Arrival to Nexø with walk through town to the square.

Visit to the Glass and Ceramic school. Here Mary had a go at doing some glass blowing. It wasn't up to the standard of the artists who do their work here, but Mary did manage, um, something which quite amused Frederik.

To the singing of a special song about Bornholm, Crown Prince Frederik and the Crown Princess Mary ended their visit to the Danish island of Bornholm. The Crown Prince sang along with the people.

Added 1: There has been a bit of media coverage on some commercial news programs in Australia featuring Christian's appearance in Bornholm. From Sydney's The Daily Telegraph:

Royal voyage
June 23, 2006

DENMARK'S eight-month-old Prince Christian made a rare public appearance yesterday when his Australian-born mother, Crown Princess Mary, carried him as the young royal family arrived to the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm.
Crown Prince Frederik, Denmark's future king, Mary and Christian appeared on the yacht's rear deck to a cheering crowd as it entered the harbour of Roenne, the main city on Bornholm.
The royals then began a two-day visit to the rocky island of 44,000 inhabitants without their son, who was left in the care of a nanny.
The baby prince, born on October 15, is second in line to be the future king of Denmark. He has so far been absent during many of his parents' official duties.

Added 2: See Madeleine Glindorf's photo gallery from day one on Bornholm (many thanks to Madeleine for some great up-close-and-personal photos)

DR TV Bornholm as with a lot of other reporting of the visit, Prince Christian's appearance was the highlight. (thanks Lotte H)

National Nine News (Australia) 'Prince Christian makes rare appearance' and Yahoo!/Seven News

Also reported in Russia in Pravda and in India in The Hindu News Update Service, also German media reports (Bunte, ZDF, etc)

Added 3: Sydney's The Sun Herald/SMH has this aspect of the visit in today's newspaper too:

Mary shows off her 'little kingaroo'

Hannah Edwards
June 25, 2006

HE'S Crown Princess Mary's bouncing baby boy.
With rosy chubby cheeks and cute potbelly, the robust eight-month-old proved a crowd-pleaser when shown off by his proud parents from the decks of the royal yacht.
Rugged up in a sky-blue knitted jumper, Prince Christian seemed to almost swamp svelte Princess Mary when she held him up for the crowd.
It was one of the young heir's rare public appearances, made after the royal family arrived in the Danish port city of Ronne last week.
The family travelled by boat to the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm for a short visit, where they toured attractions and greeted residents.
Wearing a wide-brimmed ochre felt hat and a smart tailored suit, Tasmanian-born Princess Mary was accompanied by husband Crown Prince Frederik, who was dressed in full naval regalia.
No date for an Australian visit by the royal family has yet been confirmed but some suggest it may take place later this year.
The Sun-Herald

Our comment? Pity the reporter Hannah Edwards, or perhaps the sub-editor? persist with the 'kingaroo' tag, it is rather clunky, yes or no? (you our readers can let us know). But describing Mary's hat as felt? Why go there when you don't really know? The hat is straw. We expect poor, or rather fantasy, journalism from the tabloids, but SMH? Do the research please!

Added 4: We sometimes give you links to great photo galleries by Madeleine Glindorf here on the blog (see Added 2 above). TV Bornholm was running a photo competition and Madeleine won! Congratulations Madeleine, a well-deserved win for your terrific photos. From Madeleine's photos we could see what no other media showed, that the family dog Ziggy went along for the trip (so Ziggy obviously has her sea legs!).

Another photographer in the TV Bornholm competition took this photo of Frederik and Mary with Christian at the beginning of day two's activities.

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Wednesday 21 June 2006

Frederik, Mary & Christian arrive on the Dannebrog

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog has arrived in Rønne Harbour on the island of Bornholm with Mary holding Christian for a bird's eye view as the Dannebrog docked. The Crown Prince family are in Bornholm for a two-day visit and so far Christian is the star.

TV 2 article
Click on 'Se Også' box 'Kronsprinsparret og prins Christian ankommer til Bornholm' for arrival photo gallery

TV 2 Bornholm news clip around 20 minutes, a fast connection will be good!

B.T. it is all about Prince Christian arriving in Bornholm as for all the Danish media covering the story.

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