Tuesday 23 May 2006

Mary and Frederik visit tram museum

 border=Today, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary went to Jystrup to inaugurate the gift of a tram as a joint gift to Frederik, Mary and Christian. The restored tram's new home is a historic tram museum called Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum. Melbourne is famous for its trams and this is a W-class tram no. 965 dating from 1950. Its 'destination' is St Kilda in Melbourne on Port Phillip Bay.

Frederik and Mary took turns driving the tram on the museum's looped track and looked at other exhibits at the historic tram museum.

*Madeleine Glindorf's gallery
Mary kørte sporvogn - BT clip (1:47)
Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum (in Danish and English)
tv2regionerne.dk TV 2 regional video clip (2 mins) showing arrival of the tram in Denmark
Melbourne's W-class trams (for tram enthusiasts, um, geeks only - this page establishes Hello! is wrong and the tram in Denmark is a SW6-class tram built in 1950 as we stated above)
Added: Hello! magazine 'Beaming Mary takes delivery of Aussie tram'
Added: From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Princess gets a fare go

Princess Mary leans out of the tram before taking the driver's seat.

May 24, 2006 - 11:43AM
Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have test-driven a vintage tram that Victoria gave as a Christening gift to the couple's son, Prince Christian.
Seven-month-old Prince Christian, in line to be the future king of Denmark, was baptised in January and received the tram among other Australian gifts, including four Tasmanian devils who now live in the Copenhagen zoo.
Mary and Frederik were at the controls of the 1950 W-class tram on the tracks at Denmark's open-air tram museum Skjoldenaesholm, 65 kilometres southwest of Copenhagen.
The restored green and beige tram, which rattled through the streets of Melbourne for some 50 years, will stay at the museum, which has some 100 trams.
It was shipped from Australia in January on a container ship on a 32,000-kilometres voyage. SMH

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