Tuesday 11 April 2006

Mary opens nursing home in Ringsted

Today Crown Princess Mary has opened a new nursing home in Ringsted. The centre has some impressive facilities for 120 plus 40 self-contained apartments. Mary was greeted enthusiastically by both young and older citizens of Ringsted and she greeted them warmly too as she arrived punctually at midday with her new lady-in-waiting, Caroline Heering. Crown Prinsess Mary greeted a very long line of officials and at the end of proceedings the new centre, named to honour King Valdemar I The Great (1157-1182), was 'launched' with three cheers. From Dagbladet Online

Ringsted (English)
Knud Lavard Centret, Ringsted (Danish)
Map: where is Ringsted?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Gigi,

Just a note to say I LOVE YOUR SITE... I'm from Mary's home state too, TASSIE. I check you site everyday for more updates. Most of Aussie wish they were our royals, and not the Britz. (not spunkie enough).

Have you got any photo of Mary while she was pregnant. I was also pregnant at the same time, my son was born a month before hers.



11:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not overly keen on this style of hat that Mary is wearing, it doesn't suit her, nor the colour of the suit.

9:08 am  

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