Sunday 30 April 2006

Mary and Henrik arrive for King Carl Gustaf's 60th birthday state lunch

 border=30 April 2006. Continuing with the birthday celebrations, today, Crown Princess Mary and Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark arrive at the City Hall in Stockholm for a State Lunch in honor of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden on his 60th birthday. Crown Princess Mary and Prince Henrik look as though they are having a good time representing Denmark at the birthday festivities. Unfortunately, we miss seeing Queen Margrethe at these events because she became ill with a bad cold just before they were due to leave for Sweden. This is quite a pity as she is a first cousin to King Carl Gustaf through her mother Queen Ingrid (who was a princess of Sweden). You can read our post about Queen Ingrid here. There are at least several royal babies in Stockholm which we know of, Prince Christian and Prince Sverre Magnus, so hopefully they are getting to know each other behind the scenes.

Already today the birthday guests have been to a Te Deum service at the Royal Chapel at 10.30am, witnessed a changing of the guard at 11.30am, attended an orchestral and choral musical celebration before going to the State Lunch in honour of King Carl Gustaf's 60th in the City Hall. This evening there will be a concert followed by a gala dinner in the Drottningholm Palace.

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