Wednesday 29 March 2006

Crown Prince Frederik awards Anders Lassen Foundation grants

28 March 2006 at 11:30am HRH The Crown Prince awarded scholarships from the Anders Lassen Foundation in Christian VIII's palace, Amalienborg.

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- Press Release (in Danish)

Press Release translation:
This year's Anders Lassen Foundation grant recipient is Captain John Fornal-Friis of the Jutland Dragoon Regiment on duty with The Danish Batallion in Iraq, group 6.

The Captain gets the Foundation's prize for doing an important military job and for his personal courage, and by his intelligent leadership and great creativity to have made personal relationships and secured stable networking with the civilian population in Iraq.

As a leader of the Danish Liason Group, the Captain has been the direct cause of the fact that the Danish Batallion and several of the British brigade units, were successfully able to execute a number of missions against terrorist- and anticoalition groups, which has reduced the number of roadbombs and shootings against the coalition forces, remarkably.

At the same time the Captain's work had enhanced the general safety for both the Iraqi people and the coalition forces.

"There will not be access for the press, but photos from the legacy presentation can be obtained on application to photographer Steen Brogaard"
Thanks to gudinde for the translation!

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