Monday 16 January 2006

Why have the christening at the Christiansborg Palace Church?

 border= Left: Interior of Christiansborg Slotskirke.

The suspense about the name of the newborn prince continues. As with the name, the godparents (or sponsors) will not be known either until the moment they are named during the ceremony.
There are various churches the royal family can choose from for the christening of Mary's and Frederik's baby, so there is the question of why choose the Christiansborg Palace Church?

This has been published on the website of the Danish Monarchy today:

When the son of Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess is christened on 21 January, it will not be the first time that Christiansborg Palace Chapel provides the setting for a christening ceremony in the Royal Family. In 1870, Prince Christian (later to become Christian X), the great-great-grandfather of the young heir to the Throne, was christened in the Palace Chapel.

So is it a case of historical synchronicity? Given the love of tradition in the Danish Royal family, this is probably the best clue yet that the baby prince will be named Christian. Here would be a connection made between the last King Christian and the next by being christened in this church. The new heir will become Christian XI, after his father who will become Frederik X. No wonder those betting odds are so short! Suspense? Probably more like anticipation.

Source:The Danish Monarchy
and this same information also appears on the Crown Prince Couple's website.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent! Tradition is intact in this royal family. Gives a further warm fuzzy to the upcoming event.


9:26 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

Loving the feedback Noelle! :-)
The warm and fuzzy *is* good, kinda something old, something new. I suppose the something most new is the newborn Prince ????? :D

12:28 pm  

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