Saturday 21 January 2006

Links to webcasts

To connect to webcasts of the christening click on the following links. These will only be active during the real time period of the christening broadcast from 10am to 1pm Denmark time. See our earlier post on Friday 13 January "Christening anticipation just grows and grows..." for links to the World Clock and a time zone converter to calculate what time you can tune in to the webcast in your time zone.

Link: DR webcast

We have a second link: Norway NetTV


(Links above are now redundant)

Thank you DR 1 for a fantastic service to the many interested followers of this event all around the world. We had a virtually uninterrupted webcast of good quality throughout six hours of broadcasting. We saw darkness, we saw snow ploughs, we saw the red carpet being laid and then miraculously we saw guests arriving and then a joyful ceremony to transform the day!

Hats off to DR 1 for a wonderful webcast!


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