Wednesday 18 January 2006

Let the parents get us in the mood

These photos remind us just how different the lives of Frederik and Mary were in the beginning. Unlike the rest of us, a royal life is recorded in minute detail from birth:
1. Heir Apparent Princess Margrethe and Prince Henrik with Frederik at Amalienborg, May 1968.
2. Margrethe and Henrik with newborn Prince Frederik in the garden at Amalienborg Palace, May 1968.
3. Baby Mary in the arms of her mother Henrietta Donaldson, Hobart, 1972.
4. Frederik with his grandfather King Frederik IX in 1969, three years before Frederik IX's death.
5. The christening of Prince Frederik. He became Crown Prince in January 1972 on the accesssion of his mother to the throne, just a few weeks before Mary was born far away in Australia. Frederik was christened in Holmens Kirke, Copenhagen, 24 June, 1968.

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