Friday 20 January 2006

Let the celebration begin!

Friday, Jan. 20, 2006. A celebration honoring the coming christening of the first child of Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary was conducted today in Sydney, Australia. Members of the Danish community, including the Danish consulate, expats, and the Danish business community gathered for a breakfast celebration for the young prince dubbed "kingaroo" since his birth on October 15. The princeling is expected to be named Christian, in line with Danish tradition, which alternates between Christian and Frederik for male heirs.

Richard Crisp, left, and Stephen Gapps, also known as Harfen and Harald respectively, do battle as traditional Viking warriors.

Siblings, from left, seven-year-old Olivia Scully, Nicholas Scully, 6, and five-year-old Abby Scully, work on a mural depicting members of the Danish royal family.

1. 2.
1. Jens Stargaard wears a horned helmet as he attaches a diaper to a doll during a parenting skills contest.
2. Dave Sander, also known as Olaf, wears a Viking warrior dress.



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