Saturday 21 January 2006

Guest list

This is an abridged guest list just released by The Danish Monarchy website. First thing to notice is Mary's brother and family are not present.

Hans Kongelige Højhed KRONPRINSEN
Hendes Kongelige Højhed KRONPRINSESSEN

Hendes Majestæt DRONNINGEN
Hans Kongelige Højhed PRINSGEMALEN
Hans Majestæt Kong KONSTANTIN
Hendes Majestæt Dronning ANNE-MARIE
Hans Kongelige Højhed Prins JOACHIM
Hendes Kongelige Højhed Prinsesse BENEDIKTE
His Royal Highness Crown Prince PAVLOS
Her Royal Highness Crown Princess PAVLOS
Her Royal Highness Princess ALEXIA
Mr. Carlos Morales Quintana
His Royal Highness Prince NIKOLAOS
Her Royal Highness Princess THEODORA
Hans Højhed Prins GUSTAV zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
Greve Jefferson-Friedrich von Pfeil
Hendes Højhed Prinsesse ALEXANDRA zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
Hendes Højhed Prinsesse ELISABETH
Hendes Højhed Prinsesse ALEXANDRA, grevinde af Frederiksborg
Hans Højhed Prins NIKOLAI
Hans Højhed Prins FELIX
Hans Excellence greve Ingolf af Rosenborg
Grevinde Sussie af Rosenborg
Hans Excellence greve Christian af Rosenborg
Grevinde Anne Dorte af Rosenborg
Greve Carl Johan Bernadotte af Wisborg
Grevinde Gunnila Bernadotte

Son Altesse Royale le Prince PHILIPPE, Duc de Brabant
Son Altesse Royale la Princesse MATHILDE, Duchesse de Brabant
Hans Kongelige Højhed Kronprins HAAKON MAGNUS af Norge
Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse METTE-MARIT af Norge
Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse VICTORIA af Sverige
Son Altesse Royale le Prince Héritier GUILLAUME de Luxembourg
His Royal Highness Prince CONSTANTIJN des Pays-Bas
Her Royal Highness Princess LAURENTIEN des Pays-Bas
Hr. Ari Behn

Professor John Donaldson
Mrs. Susan Elizabeth Donaldson
Mrs. Patricia Bailey
Mrs. Jane Stephens
Mrs. Margaret Cunningham
Mr. Jack Maton
Mrs. Barbara Maton
Mrs. Catherine Murray

Monsieur Guillaume Bardin
Madame Guillaume Bardin

A full list of guests is available in pdf format on this site.
Or, a full list is available on this link:

Some things to note from the guest list: Mary's immediate family from Tasmania attended, but her brother John Stuart Donaldson and his family did not. There was a Scottish contingent of relations who also attended the wedding. Frederik and Mary invited their staff, including Mette Hansen, who helps takes care of Christian. As well as their own staff, they included court staff and officials including Ove Ollerup and Per Thornit. Mary's friend and stylist/personal assistant Anja Camilla Alajdi was invited, as was the former nanny of Frederik and Joachim, Else Kirstine Pedersen. Also, musicians Palle Mikkelborg and his wife Helen Margaret Mikkelborg who played so beautifully at Mary's and Frederik's wedding were among the guests. A good sized contingent of Mary's friends from Australia attended. There were all the Queen's hofdames as well as Mary's, Victoria Bernstorff-Gyldensteen. Princess Alexandra's private secretary, Christine Lyng was invited, too. Of course there are many other notable and protocol types on the list, but these are picked out as interesting for their personal connections to Mary and Frederik and the Royal Family.



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