Saturday 8 January 2011

Official statement of the birth from the court

So we get to know his face - Christian Schønau, the new Chamberlain of Crown Prince Frederik's and Crown Princess Mary's Court - he replaced Per Thornit last year. He was given the courtesy title of Chamberlain in the Queen's New Year's honours list on January 1, 2011

The Danish Court:

A Prince and a Princess are born
On 8. January 2011 Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary gave birth to two healthy children at Righospitalet in Copenhagen.

The son was born at 10.30
Weight: 2674 grams, length 47 cm.

The daughter was born at 10.56
Weight: 2554 grams, length 46 cm.

Mother and children are doing fine.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik was present at Rigshospitalet all the time.

Christian Schønau
Chief of the Court of
TRH The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark : An official statement from the Chamberlain for the Crown Prince Couple:

Det blev en Prins og Prinsesse

Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse Mary har den 8. januar 2011 på Rigshospitalet født to velskabte børn.

Sønnen blev født kl.: 10.30
Vægt: 2674 gram, længde: 47 cm.

Datteren blev født kl.: 10.56
Vægt: 2554 gram, længde: 46 cm.

Mor og børn har det godt.

Hans Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsen var til stede under hele forløbet på Rigshospitalet.

Christian Schønau

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Crown Couple and the Danish Royal Family. They are the most interesting Royal of Europe. Very down to earth Royalty no wonder the Danish people love the Royal Family. They deserve all the happiness in life.

3:46 am  

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