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Mary's routine check-up triggers false alarm & second time this week media gets it wrong

Photo © Hanne Juul/Billed Bladet
So where are we at? Mary has had a check up at the hospital but is not in labour and the court has confirmed that Crown Prince Frederik has cleared his calendar of an event for January 13. Since the twins have not yet appeared he is bound to be on extra Daddy-duty in the near future. The photos of Frederik's arrival perhaps look a little more dramatic than what was actually happening. It appears that since the media is watching at the front of the hospital, Frederik might have driven Mary to a side entrance to drop her off before parking the car and going upstairs with Professor Peter Damm, a member of the birth team. The media has got it wrong twice this week. It is 1-1 between Denmark and Australia. B.T. got it wrong earlier in the week and today (and all its mastheads, The Daily Telegraph etc.) got it wrong.

For the past few days while Frederik has been busy with official duties during the New Year Courts, Mary has been both at home and also out and about. What is new for royal watchers is seeing the Crown Prince Couple and the children in Copenhagen during this time - there is a whole new way of city living going on since they moved into Frederik VIII's palace. Mary has been seen walking with her father along the harbour-side near the palace (a blog exclusive, thanks Adelaide), going out to some New Year sales, picking up Christian and Isabella from across the square at Amalienborg (with Ziggy), seen indoors at the palace and most recently she has been to Rigshospitalet for a routine pre-natal check up. As for Mary's trip across the square to pick up Christian and Isabella at Christian VIII's Palace, we don't know why they were there, Ekstra Bladet has assumed it was to visit Prince Joachim's apartment for a visit. The palace houses a museum, apartments for Joachim and his family, for Princess Benedikte, a part of the Queen's Library and meeting rooms. Also Mary and Christian were photographed looking out onto the square to see Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik departing for Christiansborg Palace in the golden coach on January 5.

As you can see below the media stories, especially in English language publications, continued to publish that Mary was having her babies three days ago, despite Communications Chief Lene Balleby saying January is the due date and Mary is anticipating doing things naturally. A low moment in the Danish tabloid press was Ekstra Bladet offering 5,000DKK for anyone who took photos of Mary in labour on her way to hospital. It was greeted by all-round criticism and EB withdrew the piece and then reduced the amount on offer to 1,000DKK, now all removed from online. Babies, as we all know, have their own timetable - and that is the timetable we are running on in this virtual maternity waiting room. So here is some stuff to read, as you do while waiting...

Frederik with Isabella the evening before Mary's admission to hospital Photo © Billed Bladet/Jacob Ljørring

Berlingske Tidende The Crown Prince Couple have been to Rigshospitalet tonight for a last check up before the imminent twins birth.
By Helle Lho Hansen
Thursday the 6. January 2011, 21: 41
On Thursday evening around 7 p.m. Crown Prince Frederik arrived at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Alone in the Crown Prince Couple's red Saab Frederik parked at a side entrance, reports
Here he was and his two bodyguards were welcomed by Professor Peter Damm, who is a part of the team of expert physicians who are helping Mary with the twins birth. Still, however, there is no report of baby joy from the Royal family.
Lene Balleby press coordinator for the Royal family says the Crown Prince Couple were at Rigshospitalet for one of the final check ups before the twin birth.
"They have been for a check up at Rigshospitalet. But they are probably already back at home again," she said to B.T.
"There is no set time laid down for the birth. This will happen in the course of January, as planned. There is not so much else to say. It will happen when it happens," she says.

Billed Bladet Mary and Frederik to Rigshospitalet - and home again
On Thursday evening the Crown Prince Couple made a trip to the Kingdom (colloquial name for Rigshospitalet) to make a probable final routine check-up .They are at home at Amalienborg again... B.T. reports that the Crown Prince Couple were received at Rigshospitalet by Porofessor Peter Damm, who is one of the experts in the team to assist at birth.
The Crown Prince Couple, who were flanked by two P.E.T. security officers, is now back in their home at Amalienborg, and Crown Princess Mary is therefore, according to Lene Ballaby, not yet ready to give birth.

Ekstra Bladet once again EB quotes B.T. - it was a check up
Ekstra Bladet
The expectant mother was with the twins' father, Crown Prince Frederik, on a visit to University Hospital late Thursday evening to undergo one of the last checks before delivery.According to the court's information officer Lene Balleby the expectant parents were back in their new home at Amalienborg later Thursday evening.
Cleared calendar
But after consultation with the royal birth team, Crown Prince Frederik has chosen to clear his official calendar.
Therefore his planned participation in the 250th anniversary dinner for Købstædernes Insurance at the National Gallery of Art on Thursday January 13 has been removed from the Crown Prince Couple's official calendar.
The court's communications chief Lene Balleby said last night that there is no set time for the birth.
Up until now the court has stated that Mary will give birth in the most natural way - which means that she has not planned to have the birth induced nor planned a caesarean section.
According to statistics, 60 percent of all twin births in Denmark are via caesarean section.

The latest news about the royal pregnancy
Frederik and Mary at the Kingdom (colloquial name for Rigshospitalet)
HELLE LHO HANSEN | MORTEN MÆRSK-Thursday, 6. January 2011, 21: 32
On Thursday evening around 7 p.m. Crown Prince Frederik arrived at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Alone in the Crown Prince Couple's red Saab, he parked at a side entrance to the maternity wing.
He was, together with two bodyguards, welcomed by professor Peter Damm, which is a part of the team of expert physicians helping Mary with the twins' birth. But there are still no reports of baby joy from the Royal family.
As a consequence, Lene Balleby press chief for the Royal family, the Crown Prince Couple were at Rigshospitalet for one of the last check ups before the twins' births.
"They have been for a check up at Rigshospitalet. But they are no doubt back at their new home again," she said.
It remains that there is no time set down for the births.
"This will happen in the course of January as planned. There is not much else to say. This will happen when it happens," she says.
According to Ekstra Bladet the Court has confirmed that after the visit on Thursday, an arrangement in the Crown Prince's calendar was removed. He was to have taken part in the 250th anniversary dinner for Købstædernes Insurance at the National Gallery of Art on January 13, but it is now apparently cancelled.

TV2 Crown Prince Couple in visit to Rigit
Ekstra Bladet 5-1-2011 - Heavily pregnant Mary took the car 100 meters
The heavily pregnant Crown Princess Mary drove around on the palace square at Amalienborg Palace along with her two children and the dog Ziggy.
With two children in the tummy 100 metres can feel a very long distance. Crown Princess Mary this afternoon took the red station wagon and drove from the newly renovated Frederik VIII's Palace to the Amalienborg palace where Prince Joachim has his apartment.
Twenty minutes later Mary returned, cramped behind the wheel because of her large stomach and with her two small children in the back seat, as well as the dog Ziggy in the luggage compartment. Border collie Ziggy watchfully looked out of a side window, as if she was looking out for the whole Royal family.
Mary appeared completely calm and not at all like a woman who is very soon to give birth to twins. So I wonder if a few days or more will pass before the birth will begin.

Meanwhile, the canons at Kronborg in Helsingør are being prepared for the salute when the twins are born. There is normally a 21 gun salute when a royal child is born and so on this occasion there will be two salutes with a total of 42 shots:
TV2 clip (1:48) Maternity dash triggers false alarm: Princess Mary not in labour and still waiting Reports of Princess Mary in labour premature, twins not
The Daily Telegraph Heir of expectation
The Herald Sun Princess Mary labour mystery, Prince Frederik rushes to hospital
The Mercury False alarm on Mary's labour
The Courier Mail Princess Mary a busy mum-to-be

Previous days' reports. I include these because you can't believe everything you read in newspapers, and also, some of the headlines are pretty funny, this is only a selection of the many published stories reporting the imminent birth : Princess Mary's waiting game continues as royal twins fail to show up
The Sydney Morning Herald Crown Princess Mary 'ready for early arrival of twins'
The Adelaide Advertiser Princess Mary's twins 'will be born today', says Danish media
The Mercury (Hobart) Oz names tip for Mary's twins
The Herald Sun (Melbourne) Princess Mary's waiting game continues as royal twins fail to show up
VG Nett no (Norway) - the royal house rejects rumours of birth in Denmark
Ekstra Bladet - Very pregnant Mary drew fresh air
Mary still has the energy to go outside of Amalienborg. According to one newspaper was Crown Princess Mary's birth was to be induced yesterday. [dig at competitor tabloid B.T.] She has not appeared in public for a while and no longer participate in official royal events. But despite two babies in the stomach, she can still find the energy to leave the Royal Palace and get some fresh air.
"She's at home at Amalienborg and well. Everything is as it should be. Today she has been out," says Royal Family Communications chief Lene Balleby to
According to the court no one knows when the babies will come and it also denies that there is a definite timetable for it. "She has given birth to her previous children naturally. There is no timetable for it," continues Balleby.
Rumors have circlulated elsewhere the Crown Princess will this time give birth by a Caesarean section. If it proves nevertheless to be a planned caesarean section, the gamblers might not put their money on the twin birth being tomorrow.
"Crown Prince must be at the New Year Court tomorrow, and as it appears now, he intends to meet his obligations," says Lene Balleby.
It remains only to wait in breathless excitement.
The Courier Mail (Brisbane) - Fair dinkum Australian names predicted for Danish royal twins but public will have to wait (New Zealand) - Crown Princess Mary ready to give birth
News Wooeb (Atlanta) Denmark's Princess Mary is due to give birth today
Male Extra (UK, brother to Female First ;) ) Crown Princess Mary to give birth today?
The Herald Sun Secrecy on Mary's twins

The Herald Sun photo gallery

Nine Network Today show clip (2:56)
TV2 clip (4:23) - interview with BB editor-in-chief Annemette Krakau and journalist Anna Johannesen (the Danish journalist who 'discovered' Mary in Sydney). They say Billed Bladet is ready for the twins' arrival!

7 News clip (1:49)


  • Seven News in Sydney (6pm bulletin) had an interesting twist on today's events: they reported that Mary stayed at home while Frederik rushed to the maternity wing at Righospitalet for a visit! Bet they don't put that news clip up on the net :D

  • Billed Bladet Frederik has cleared his calendar and is ready for all his paternal duties

Thanks gudinde, and Adelaide :))

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