Saturday 8 January 2011

Mary is in hospital ~ continued

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  • The news is being reported in Denmark and also Australia. 
  • Australian reporters in Denmark said yesterday that the Court spokespeople have been very helpful and assured them that they would not be hiding news if there was any news. The Court is not in the habit of concealing or distorting information, which is an important part of the Crown Prince Couple's relationship with the people.
  • While every detail may not be revealed in the heat of the event, we will hear details from Frederik, the medical staff and the court spokespeople in time. 
  • There are around 60 news reporters from Denmark, Australia and around the world in the cold outside the hospital. 
  • TV2 clip Billed Bladet journalist Trine Larsen believes Mary was induced yesterday evening
  • Although Mary has made it clear she wishes to have a natural birth, like any woman, she is also going to take the advice of her medical team and have the birth which ensures the safe delivery of her babies. Therefore we don't know at this stage whether she will deliver normally or with a C-section
  • TV2 clip Danish journalist interviews Channel 9 journalist Peter Stefanovic who said he reported it on the main early evening bulletin within 5 minutes of the palace confirming the news Mary was in hospital
  • TV2 says the planned canon salute - a 42 canon fire this time - will go ahead today at midday if the twins are born this morning, however if born in the afternoon the salute will be at midday the following day.
TV2 Mary is in hospital, confirmed by the court (posted 50 minutes after Mary was admitted) News Berlingske Tidende Mary usually gives birth on a Saturday TV2 article Many Playmates in the Royal family - Christian, Isabella, Nikolai, Felix and baby Henrik B.T. Court confirms Mary hospitalised at Rigshospitalet
MARIE JOO KIM JENSEN | NICOLAI HOLLE | KARINA SVENSGAARD (BT-K.S.V.)-Saturday, 8. January 2011, 08: 13 | Updated: 09: 38
Crown Princess Mary is hospitalised at Rigshospitalet, according to multiple media. Court confirms the opposite TV2 News.
Early Saturday morning around 7: 00 am Crown Princess Mary arrived at Rigshospitalet, where she will give birth to her twins, according to head of corporate communications at Court, Lene Balleby, the Ritzau Bureau reports.
The Crown Prince Couple already have Prince Christian and Princess Isabella.
The birth will come as no surprise, but the Court has held its cards close to its chest and did not want to specify the exact time. Instead, it has said that birth the would take place in January.
Mary's birth was started on Friday night Billed Bladet journalist Trine Larsen told TV2 News.
B.T.'s reporter on the spot says that Crown Prince Frederik arrived with Mary at Rigshospitalet. Police were patrolling and checking out suspicious cars. There is already an array of TV and the press journalists from all over the world.
If Mary gives birth during the day, she will actually follow a self made tradition. Saturday was the day of the week that both Prince Christian and Princess Isabella also came to the world.
The University Hospital's royal birth team consists of clinical chief Morten Hedegaard, midwife Birgitte Hillerup, midwife Mette Simonsen and Professor Peter Dam. In addition, there is a small number of other helpers.
The twins' birth will be in keeping with the tradition of 'pink room' where both Isabella and Christian came into the world. The room is located on the maternity ward, and for security reasons, if by chance the twins need to be delivered by Caesarian section, Mary is close to a surgical delivery room.
TV2 article Frederik will be busy at the time of the birth too
Saturday 8 January; 09:43am by Ritzau
During a twin birth, both father and mother have plenty to do, says midwife Pia Zilstorff.
It is not only Crown Princess Mary who has work to do when she gives birth to her twins. Also, Crown Prince Frederik has his role during childbirth.
The midwife Pia Zillstorff says from, "During a twin birth, the father is very busy. He must be both with his partner or wife in the midst of childbirth, he's already become a father for the first child, while the second is on its way," says Pia Zilstorff who has many years experience of childbirth from her work on a number different maternity wards.
Although a twin birth in itself need not be more complicated than a birth of one child, there are often many doctors, midwives and nurses present in the room to ensure that everything goes as it should.
But the father also has an important role to play, says Pia Zilstorff.
"Often the father is sitting with her firstborn in his arms while he waits for the number two be born, so he is pretty much involved," says Pia Zilstorff.
The Crown Prince Couple already has two children and it is an advantage for twin mothers if they have given birth before.
"It's always good to be a second time mother when you have to have twins. That is a real asset," says Pia Zilstorff.
Particularly in the period which is the most critical moment in a twin birth, it is easier for the second time mothers, because women generally give birth to the first twin faster than if she is a first time mother, and children are often born more quickly.
About 40 percent of twin births in Denmark take place naturally, while the rest are done by Caesarean section.
Even if the first of the twins is born naturally, there is a possibility that the second twin may be born by caesarean section if circumstances make it necessary.
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