Wednesday 12 January 2011

Mary & her twins enjoy close family but remain in hospital

Photo © Billed Bladet | Jesper Sunesen: Frederik busy going between the palace and the hospital

In Denmark today there is no information yet on when Crown Princess Mary and the twins might be leaving hospital. This is no doubt a good thing since it should be the health of the twins and their mother which determines the media schedule, not the other way around. Billed Bladet reports that at 9:30 this morning Crown Prince Frederik has taken Prince Christian and Princess Isabella to visit their mother and their new brother and sister. It is reported that yesterday in the evening Mary had a quiet time with just family visitors and her sister Jane, who stayed with her for around 8 hours. Billed Bladet has since reported that after a two hour visit with Mary and the twins, Crown Prince Frederik returned the children to Amalienborg Palace with a tear stained Isabella in his arms. The older children have been separated from their mother since Saturday and Frederik, in collaboration with John Donaldson, Susan Moody and the children's nannies are trying to ensure that Christian and Isabella are doing as well as can be at home at Amalienborg.

Billed Bladet Christian and Isabella enjoy a cosy morning with Mary
12 January 2011 | Ulrik Ulriksen
There is every indication that Mary will not leave the University Hospital today after her oldest royal rugrats have been visiting.
This morning Crown Prince Frederik picked up Prince Christian and Princess Isabella at Amalienborg Palace so that they could visit Rigshospitalet's maternity ward to be together with Mary and twins.
Christian was in top form as he arrived at the hospital at half past nine in the morning. Christian and Isabella had a couple of large teddy bears with them...
The Crown Princess spent a snug evening yesterday with visits from immediate family: Frederik took Christian, Isabella and her father John Donaldson plus her eldest sister Jane. Jane in particular was with Mary and the twins at the maternity ward for almost eight hours.

B.T. Snuck in with Christian and Isabella:
Mary's sister in secret visit to the hospital
KARINA SVEN FARM Tuesday, 11 January 2011, 17:22
The twins are already a major attraction within the family. On Tuesday afternoon Christian and Isabella visited again. And Mary's stepmother had visited earlier. And yesterday Mary's sister was in the hospital for nine hours.
The noses of hyper-attentive Danish journalists and photographers and the Australian newspaper The Mercury [ie: News Ltd's Lucy Carne 'syndicated' to 9 or more masts] spotted Mary's sister Jane Stephens at Rigshospitalet.
Since the jungle drums sounded, she made more than a 24-hour-long trip from Tasmania to Denmark to see the new family members, the press has pretty well been on our toes. But in vain.
Jane Stephens landed on Monday and subsequently spent nine hours at the hospital in the company of her sister, her brother-in-law and the newborns.
She arrived at the hospital in one of the royal family's cars, but did not want to talk to the press which were present. She had a large gift from a local children's store with her.
At 20.45, Jane left the hospital again, this time in the company of Prince Christian, Princess Isabella and their father the Crown Prince.
Late on Tuesday afternoon, Christian and Isabella once again visited their new siblings.

Photo © B.T./Jeppe Michael Jensen

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