Saturday 8 January 2011

Little prince born first, princess second


Labouring at home for quite awhile before coming into hospital is what many do. Frederik will explain more.

# 11:43:31
There was no nail-biting

# 11:43:21
"There are two small hearts to watch all the time"

# 11:43:06
"The progress has been just as exciting - almost as if it was the first time I had to be a dad"

he explains
# 11:42:28
"Both mother and children are doing well and we are very happy"

# 11:42:04
Girl measuring 46 centimeters

# 11:41:46
Now he says it again in English in honor of the foreign media

# 11:41:10
"I am extremely pleased with the whole process"

# 11:40:55
"It's a miracle"

says a proud father
# 11:40:42
They are born with half hour intervals

# 11:40:33
The girl weighs 2554 grams

# 11:40:18
The boy weighs 2674 grams and measuring 47 centimeters

# 11:39:41
Mary has given birth to two: a boy and a girl

# 11:39:22
He smiles

# 11:39:17
So arriving Frederick to lobby


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