Saturday 8 January 2011

Frederik's press conference ~ continued

It appears Mary's delivery was natural, no caesarian, and she was told she would be due at the end of January, so they have arrived early as is typical for twins. Christian and Isabella will visit later

Birth team was on from six o'clock this morning

# 11:52:47
Mary's due date was in late January, said the birth team

# 11:52:04
"Birth began spontaneously"

birth team now speaks (above^^^)
# 11:51:38

# 11:51:14
Mary's father is with Isabella and Christian

# 11:50:55
Frederick could hear tears from Mary's father when he was informed

# 11:50:34
"One of them we can start by calling Elvis" (is his birthday?)

# 11:49:41
It is not yet determined how long Mary must be hospitalized

# 11:48:50
We have prepared well for the twins in our new home

# 11:48:18
Frederik has even phoned his mother

# 11:48:08
The Queen has been informed

# 11:47:57
Frederik shows how long and how high the twins are

Photos © Jepppe Michael Jensen / Grafik/ BT

  • B.T. A boy and a girl

  •  12:30 Prince Henrik has arrived at the hospital and is talking to the press

  • Huge thanks to gudinde for the contents of Frederik's news conference and for lots more <3 and also to all the wonderful friends of the blog who help so much - you know who you are :))

Will be back with more, including links to Frederik's press conference etc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have been following this all night . Thankyou for all your work. Congratulations Mary and Frederik

1:37 pm  
Blogger Casey said...

Wow - did he get dressed in a hurry in the dark or what?!

I'm glad everything went smoothly!

5:12 pm  

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