Tuesday 11 January 2011

Christian's & Isabella's big week (plus a wrap)

After the excitement of the birth of the twins, news has slowed down as we wait to find out when the Crown Prince Couple will leave hospital with the newborn babies. Ekstra Bladet reports that the hospital foyer might be mistaken for a painter's conference because of the 30 or so step ladders crowding the area. The media organisations and photographers set up step ladders for the best vantage points for when Mary and Frederik exit with the babies. Journalists from Denmark and abroad are hoping to secure the best possible place for photos and questions although it is not yet known when Crown Prince Couple will show themselves and their newborns to the Danish people.

Meanwhile Prince Christian and Princess Isabella have had their own busy week, B.T. reports. Last Tuesday, January 4, Christian and Isabella attended the Garnison Sogns Menigheds Børnehave (Garrison Parish Church's Preschool) which is very close to Amalienborg. The kindergarten newsletter simply welcomes "Christian and Isabella" and has refused to comment more. In something familiar to all families the world over, the newsletter warned parents to check their children's hair for lice. Even royals are not immune to the fundamentals of everyday life! Prince Felix attended this kindergarten before 'graduating' to Krebs' School, where Nikolai attends, and which Frederik and Joachim also attended as children. The kindergarten is attached to the church which Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Christian and Isabella attended for church service last Christmas Eve. There are many new arrangements for the Crown Prince Family since moving into the newly renovated Frederik VIII's palace at Amalienborg. It now seems very likely that the drive Crown Princess Mary made across the square at Amalienborg last week with Ziggy to pick up the children was a drive to pick them up at their new kindergarten. B.T. sources confirm that the royal couple have been driving Christian and Isabella to kindergarten, just as any parents do. The kindergarten is a private institution which has around seven nursery children aged 2-3 years and 31 children aged 3-6 years. The kindergarten writes on their website that they give very high priority to play and friendship, so perhaps, B.T. suggests, it is here that Prince Christian and Princess Isabella will meet good friends they will have for life.

Visitors to the twins yesterday and today included Countess Alexandra, Princes Nikolai and Felix and Martin Jørgensen, Julie Mølsgaard and Ellen Hillingsø. Mary's eldest sister Jane Stephens spent 9 hours at the maternity ward with Mary and the twins after arriving from Australia and missing the media scrum in the foyer by going in another entrance, as did Christian and Isabella. 

Prince Henrik has caused a stir (another!) with his comments about newborns. Henrik can always be depended upon for some colour, and there is no doubt that Frederik and Mary would understand exactly what he means with no offence taken. There is no doubt he is an attentive and loving grandfather to all his grandchildren, if photographic evidence is a measure. (see below)

B.T. Ellen Hillingsø shakes her head at the Henrik:'They are not ugly'
Kenan SEEBERG | KARINA SVEN FARM (BT-KSV) - Tuesday, 11 January 2011, 13:37
Actress Ellen Hillingsø disagree with Prince Henrik's assessment of the royal twins.
Hillingsø visited his childhood friend Crown Prince Frederik [for a half hour visit]...
Is it true that the twins are ugly like Prince Henrik says, bt.dk asked her.
"No, no,no," she replied.
How were they?
"They are extremely cute," she smiled.
Ellen Hillingsø's friendship with Crown Prince Frederik is one of the many friendships that have been passed down in the royal family. Their mothers, Birgitte Hillingsø and Queen Margrethe, went to school together.

1) and 2) Alexandra, Nikolai, Martin Jørgensen and Felix, 3) Ellen Hillingsø, 4) some of the waiting media

Photos © HELLO!magazine.com, B.T./Jeppe Michael Jensen, SN.dk/Thomas Arnbo, B.T./Nils Meilvang

MSN Starlounge Christian photographed arriving at the hospital
Due to a strong cold Prince Christian did not see the twins before Sunday...Late Monday, he returned to Rigshospitalet to visit his mother and the two new siblings.
As with the visit on Sunday, Crown Prince Frederik's and Crown Princess Mary's eldest son used a lift to access the maternity ward. Mary's father, John Donaldson, together with his wife Susan Moody take care of Christian and his little sister, Princess Isabella, while Mary is in hospital. Lightening the load for Frederik who as a father of four, he has his hands full. "The Crown Prince is actually more tired than the Crown Princess. They look forward to getting home and getting started with a regular routine. It is, of course, a handful for them, but I am sure they will do it well," said Countess Alexandra, when she visited earlier in the day with Martin Jørgensen and the new babies cousins, Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai. Mary's sister Jane Stephens has also just arrived in Copenhagen to help with the newborns.

B.T. speculates about Frederik and Mary needing more help with the children. Frederik and Mary have remained hands-on parents even though they have had various nannies. They spend a lot of time with the children, read them stories and comfort them if they have bad dreams just as any parents do.

SN.dk A bit of a stir from Prince Henrik. He has suggested that newborn babies are not beautiful, including his own grandchildren.
Prince Henrik is on one of the annual royal hunts today and was asked about the new babies. "They are as ugly as other babies. I do not think that babies are beautiful,"said Prince Henrik Tuesday morning about the Crown Prince couple's newborn twins. His reply came before setting out for the hunt. "But the twins are cute above all, they have some good potential, so I'm happy about them. The best part is that their parents are happy and well and that the Crown Princess is in fine form," he said,...

The Daily Telegraph Princess Mary's twins meet siblings
Hello! magazine Denmark's new little prince and princess start to receive first visitors
The Mercury (Hobart) Mary leaving hospital soon

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