Sunday 20 April 2008

Congratulations Team Nanoq!


Crown Prince Frederik and the Nanoq crew deserve congratulations for the best result they have achieved in Farr 40 World Championship racing so far. Nanoq came fourth overall among 33 competitors after 10 races over four days. The upgrade of boat, the practice and experience of boat and crew are paying off. It is a fantastic result! A happy Vincenzo Onorato on Mascalzone Latino (Italy) has won for the third year in a row.

The fourth and final day began with two races to complete the championship. Two time defending champion Vincenzo Onorato and his Mascalzone Latino team had just a one point advantage over fellow countryman Giovanni Maspero’s Joe Fly. In Race 9 there was a lot of jostling and close tacking and at turn one Mascalzone Latino displayed a protest flag. Halfway through the race Joe Fly took the lead before winds shifted and the leader order changed again. In lightened winds Rod Jabin in Ramrod took the lead and Mascalzone Latino forced Joe Fly to gybe (change tack/direction) on the finishing leg with both Mascalzone Latino and Mean Machine indicating their intention to protest against Joe Fly in Race 9. At the end of the race, Vincenzo Onorato’s Mascalzone Latino led Joe Fly overall by just inches. But Joe Fly had fouled Barking Mad on the first turn in the race. The two Italian boats went into Race 10 with two points separating them.

Twenty minutes into the final Race 10 and the Race Committee changed the course of the race because of light and shifting winds (there are various courses set in advance to take account of possible changing conditions). As the race progressed Joe Fly took the lead, but the pending protests from Race 9 meant the winner would be decided in the jury room after the race. Wolfgang Stolz's Opus One won the race and Giovanni Maspero's Joe Fly was the provisional overall championship winner pending investigation by an international jury to decide whether his three point lead would stand. The jury heard the protests and testimonies and witnesses from various competitors and then deliberated, with accompanying tension while the competitors waited.

After tense deliberation, the jury unanimously decided to disqualify Joe Fly and declared Vincenzo Onorato's team on Mascalzone Latino the winner of the 2008 Farr 40 World Championship.

Mascalzone Latino Makes it Three World Titles in a Row from Regatta
Final Results 2008 Farr 40 World Championship

The Royal Danish Yacht Club has reported enthusiastically on the progress of its members.

Some beautiful big pics from Bå shows how intense it is on board Nanoq and also how beautiful the water is!

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