Tuesday 11 December 2007

Mary visits Rådmandsgades School

Today Crown Princess Mary visited the Rådmandsgades School at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Rådmandsgades School is located in a part of Nørrebro which has a high proportion of people from ethnically diverse backgrounds. The school is near a public housing area, Mjølnerparken, which is considered a “ghetto.” Rådmandsgades School has a very good reputation in addressing the challenges of multiculturalism, so much so that this year's Integration Prize was awarded to this school in the 'schools and education' category.

The purpose of Mary's visit is to make a donation to the school on behalf of Princess Isabella. One of Princess Isabella's christening gifts was a donation of 10,000 DKK to be given to Rådmandsgades School. B.T. reports the unusal christening gift was given by the City of Copenhagen, which is why Copenhagen's city mayor Ritt Bjerregaard was there with the principal Lise Egholm.

The 680 pupils of the school sang the christmas carol "På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød" (In the attic sits the pixie with his Christmas rice gruel). Mary visited children in their classrooms and it is clear to see this is a very good school environment. As we learned when the school won the Integration Prize, it has the best outcomes for reading among all Danish schools.

Avisen.dk 'Mary gav penge til Nørrebros børn' - Mary gave money to the children of Nørrebro. There were princess crowns and expectant children everywhere, when Mary visited Rådmandsgade School at Nørrebro in Copenhagen...

TV2 photo gallery (11 photos)
B.T. video (01:07)
DR news video (01:49)
Added: TV2 news clip (01:06)
TV2 news clip (02:09)
Fyens.dk webTV (01:09)

Søren Steffen's photo gallery (including some pics from the Human Rights event later in the day)

See our earlier post about the award of the Integration Prize

  • Last week on December 3 Mary made an off-calendar visit to the Ministry of Education. It is not yet known why, but is possibly connected to a project to be funded by the Mary Fund, since Mary has been involved in quite a few off-calendar meetings to advance its establishment
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