Sunday 9 December 2007

Mary, Frederik & Christian @ Christmas choral concert

Today Crown Princess Mary has attended the Christmas concert of the Children's Choir of the Royal Danish Conservatorium of Music in Esajas Kirke in Copenhagen. The Children's Choir of the Royal Danish Conservatorium of Music is conducted by Bente-Colding-Jørgensen who leads the choir in its wide repertoire of folk songs, hymns and the great classical choral works. For this concert there was of course an emphasis on Christmas. Mary is the patron for the choir, but as we can see from the photos, it was an opportunity to accustom Christian to experience the concert, doing some "royal duty" and dressing for the occasion. The family focus was clear with Frederik and John and Susan Donaldson also joining Mary this year. Caroline Heering was also in attendance with Mary.

Photos: ¡Hola!

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    Blogger logansrest said...

    Prince Christian is a lovely well mannered young boy and a lot of other children can learn a lot from him already :):)

    11:41 pm  
    Blogger lotte said...

    Hi Irma,
    Christian does seem to be a very good kid, but I am sure he has his moments like any normal child does.
    I think Mary and Frederik are getting him used to meeting people and being calm at events like these because he will have to do it for many years to come... just my theory.

    1:13 pm  

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