Monday 10 December 2007

Frederik & Led Zeppelin Jam

Left: The real Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in their heyday

Politiken is asking if anyone has a photo of Crown Prince Frederik on harmonica with Led Zeppelin Jam (a Danish LZ cover band) last Saturday night at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen.
From Politiken: On Saturday night hard rock cover band Led Zeppelin Jam played at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen and there was a little extra to talk about after the concert.
And that is because Crown Prince Frederik was there as the evening's guest star. Led Zeppelin Jam actually got back together in 2004, Alex Nyborg Madsen told the crowd during the first set, in an anecdote about how they had reunited for the Crown Prince in 2004, when "one of our friends had to give a small party for 40,000 visitors." He hinted nonchalantly at the great "request programme" of Rock'n Royal [for Save the Children] in Parken in 2004, where the Crown Prince had wished for a Led Zeppelin Jam set. [Rock'n Royal photo gallery, click næste.]
In the first set singer Alex Nyborg Madsen told how the band was reunited for the wedding on the request of Crown Prince Frederik and ended by saying that 'a good friend of the band' would be present tonight.
When the band went on stage on Saturday the Crown Prince appeared stage right - in good form and with his harmonica ready to join in on the jam. The audience immediately got out mobile phones, but rather than perpetuating the moment the royal guest star disappeared quickly after his appearance.
Before the number was over he turned up again to an enthusiastic response from the audience and played one more solo before he gave the guitarist Ivan Horn a hug and took off. The connection with the Crown Prince was created when band leader Alex Nyborg Madsen invited Frederik onto the P3 radio programme Maskinen to choose music and be a co-host.
It was revealed then that the Crown Prince is a fan of hard rock like Led Zeppelin, Jesus and Mary Chain, D.A.D. and Sort Sol.
If you have a picture of the Crown Prince on stage during Saturday's concert in Pumpehuset, you may send it to ...

As for the almost original Led Zeppelin (all that rock 'n roll means all the originals are not around) check the latest about them, since they are currently reuniting after 19 years:

Led Zeppelin official site (the real LZ with cool things on the site!)

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