Wednesday 12 December 2007

Frede finds his inner rock star

There's been a citizen response to Politiken's appeal for phone pics of Frederik jamming with Led Zeppelin Jam last Saturday night. This B.T. story repeats some the Politiken piece which broke the story here, with a little more detail about how it went down.

From B.T. Frede jammed and put the pedal to the metal at rock concert:
Crown Prince Frederik went on stage twice in a rock mood and with his harmonica during the Led Zeppelin-jam concert in Pumpehuset last Saturday.
Crown Prince Federik revealed hidden rock talents when he went on stage in Pumpehuset in Copenhagen last Saturday.
While the audience was gaping and listening the Crown Prince jammed along to the legendary Led Zeppelin cover song: “When the levee breaks”.
“Crown Prince Frederik really enjoyed it and thought it was really fun. He does love rock music and especially Led Zeppelin. It looked like the audience didn’t quite believe their own eyes at first, says Alex Nyborg Madsen, lead singer in Led Zeppelin-Jam and radio host to B.T.
But when the Crown Prince went on stage later in the evening again it really dawned on the audience that it was indeed the Crown Prince behind the mouth organ and a great cheer rang out and mobile phone cameras came out of pockets.
It was Crown Prince Frederik’s good friend and guitarist in Led Zeppelin-Jam, Henrik Tvede, who had cajoled the Crown Prince to jump up on stage.
“Henrik Tvede and the Crown Prince had talked about how it could be fun. We had kept it secret and that was the deal that Frederik agreed on unless he got cold feet,” says Alex Nyborg Madsen.
But the Crown Prince didn’t. On the contrary, he got a taste for it and went on stage again later when Henrik Tvede again brought back him on stage.
“The Crown Prince was happy but very humble afterwards. As far as I understand he has started to amuse (hygge sig in Danish) himself a little by playing mouth organ,” says Alex Nyborg Madsen, who in the press is often called a private friend of the Crown Prince.
Crown Prince Frederik went to town with a bunch of friends, while Crown Princess Mary wasn’t a part of the company. (written by Lasse Borgwardt Schmidt and kindly translated by Muhler!)

Photos variously from readers of Politiken, B.T. and SeogHør

Led Zeppelin Jam on Danish wiki

Three short clips (phone quality):
B.T. web TV I
B.T. web TV II
B.T. web TV III

Added: TV2 video clip (01:28) - much better quality sound and vision, but not much of Frederik playing



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