Wednesday 28 November 2007

Alexandra @ UNICEF & Kristeligt Dagblad interview

Yesterday Countess Alexandra was at the UNICEF relaunch of the campaign against HIV/AIDS in Copenhagen (click above - 3:05)

See Nyhedsavisen 'Alexandra: Mine børn skal lære om velgørenhed' for the story (in Danish) - Alexandra: My children have to learn about charity (November 27th 2007 13:52) Countess Alexandra teaches her children about charity and about when it is important to help. That was what she told when she talked together with others today about UNICEF's launch of a global campaign aimed at helping children affected by AIDS...

Added: See Countess Alexandra relaunches the Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS campaign in Denmark (in English) from UNICEF

  • Recently Alexandra gave an interview on her religious ideas to the Christian oriented newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad. This is a little new for Alexandra to speak publically of being an actively religious person openly in this way. We have removed the translated interview at the request of the newspaper. If you would like to see the translation, please contact us by email.
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    Blogger Tatiana said...

    Did Prince Nikolai also attended Garisons Church kindergarten? I didn't realize Felix was still at kindergarten. I thought he was already with Nikolai at Krebs. Did Nikolai attend kindergarten near Schackenborg in Møgeltønder?

    7:33 pm  
    Blogger lotte said...

    Hi tatiana,

    Back here at Felix is five! (cut, paste):

    we mentioned that Joachim and Alexandra had decided to keep Felix at kindy until next year. As he is five and children don't normally begin school until they are six in Denmark, this is perfectly normal.

    And yes, you are right, Nikolai began nursery school (just a few months older than Christian) in Møgeltønder.

    lotte :)

    4:59 am  

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